Best Buy - Boohoo Boots

All the B's! 

These bad boys are my current Best Buy!  

You can get them from Boohoo here.  
They were £40 and I was eyeing them up, so when I saw them go down to £25 I jumped on it! 

I would say they fit slightly big, so that's useful for fitting in insoles / big socks etc. 

I really love these boots for so many reasons.

For me the studding craze will never end.  So studding boots seems like a natural progression which should be commended.  
Plus they look like the ever coveted Jeffrey Campbell Ash boots- smexy but expensive

- Really tough 
I'm talking proper winter tough boots.  We've had snow this week and this has been a god send when I don't want to wear wellies.  They have awesome grip and are waterproof. 

Overall I really love them and would recommend them.  They're comfy and good quality, especially for the price of them.  

Ooh and my horrid attempt at a Youtube review: 

Aah so awkward!