10 Day Challenge - 3

I'm really sorry with all these boring 10 Day Challenges, I started it and thought it would be fun and it isn't really. 
It's more like homework.  So not fun. 

Plus it's just filled up my blog with these things since I've not really had thetime to do fashion-y stuff recently.  

So overall just a bit grumbly about this. 

Hmm, 3 films at least this is easy:

1 - Mulan 
Best film ever, my favourite film in the world.  I love it 

2 - Schindler's List 
It's in everyone's top 3 I know.  Shut up. 

3 - Last Samurai 
In case you didn't know this when I was younger I wanted to be Asian when I grew up.  I now know this is an unattainable dream but I still like films okay?