Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January Shopping Haul!

So many clothes!  Check it all down belooow! 

Since we have had SNOW today and that is very exciting so I went out took many many photos.  But super quickly so I didn't get too cold. 

Let me tell you using self timer on a Samsung Galaxy balanced on top a tin box of Schnapps on a fence post is not easy!  Believe me!

So we have: 

Zebra Teal Body Suit 
Black Milk 
Got this in a swap recently and I love it.  I actually had it in a little shoot yesterday which you can check out here.  
Although I would say if you are between sizes size up for once!  Since I am normally a L in BM swims and this L wasn't as stretchy as I would like it to get the length I need it.  

It's amazing, here's how I styled it quickly today: 
1- Black shorts 
2- Jack Wills Trousers 
3- CM Purple Field Skirt 

Purple Field Skirt 
I was lucky enough to win this skirt from CM (Claire Maley) recently.  
You can check out my full blogs on CM here and here.  
I initially picked the dress "deviously purple" as my prize, which is gorgeous however it just didn't suit me.  So Claire was lovely enough to send me this instead.  I love the print and the length is great- it sits on my waist and almost goes down to my knees which I think it great! 

Here's today's pictures: 

1, 2, 5- Jack Wills jumper
3, 4- BM Zebra Teal bodysuit 

Also this month I got a cheeky couple of things from Jack Wills: 
Hollingfast Trousers 
I got this in the sales and I think the trousers are great!  They were £59 and now it was £24!  So good! 
They are a lovely soft cotton in a cigarette style skinny cut.  They are quite low cut so wouldn't recommend them if you prefer them to sit higher.  However I got them in a 14 and so they can be pulled up and just whack a belt on! 
1, 2- BM Zebra Teal Bodysuit 

Then a JW jumper- Rayser Crew neck jumper / knit.
This was also on sale, reduced from £89.50 to £29!  Oh yeeaaah! 
Tip for sizing:  this was pretty small fitting, I have other Jack Wills knits in a size 12 but this one I wish I had sized up.  Still a lovely knot and great for all seasons really. 
Some of the pictures: 
So as always check out my instangram- kathrynisi 

That's all, don'e nothing yet today!  Oh the shame... 

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