Dubai and UAE Photo Diary

Some final and sometimes random photos from our 2021 trip to Dubai and the UAE.  It was such a good trip and hope you like these photos!Dubai 

Sharjah (Wall)

Black and White Smiles

Some black and white smiles of my Tuscany wedding outfit, and some great views!

Sharjah Mosque, UAE

When we were in the UAE we were lucky enough to visit Sharjah Mosque after sunset prayers.  We kindly asked the staff and they let us have a look around it - it's a very impressive building and if you drive past it at night you will see how nice and lit up it is!Here is a few photos from it!

Wandering Around Palermo

We had an amazing time on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, so here are some of the extra phots that don't really have a home in other posts but shouldn't be hidden away!  So some wandering around Palermo photos...

Dubai Creek Photos

As you have probably noticed, we went to Dubai and the wider UAE and took a bunch of photos.  Dubai Creek is a trendy neighbourhood in Dubai, so we took a wander at night time and took a couple more!