33 Thoughts I had when watching Dawson's Creek for the first time

I don't know about you, but I missed Dawson's Creek the first time around.  I think I was a little too young and it was a little too grown up and American so either I didn't watch it or wasn't allowed to. 

However, recently when I was scrolling through Channel4 online I saw they had all six seasons - and I love a binge, so I decided to watch the first episode and share my thoughts with you as I go. 

Have you watched Dawson's Creek?  What do you think?
  1. We're starting, I'm excited.  The first few seconds and - 15, these adults are supposed to be 15? How old are these actors when they filmed this? 
  2. A quick Google reveals they were very old, this is weird
  3. Welcome to the late 90s, these songs are amazing
  4. OMG there is actually a creek and a row boat, this is amazing.  Joey has rowed home in her checked bikini and open shirt.  Fantastic
  5. I feel like this show is showing us quintessential 90's Americal class things which I don't fully understand, Joey's sister's black boyfriend is controversial apparently 
  6. There is a video rental shop, Dawson works there - this hasn't aged well 
  7. Enter The Graduate trope, I guess this will be an overarching arc of 15 boy pining for overtly sexual teacher.  Knowing how old they actually are makes is a lot less creepy 
  8. 90s fashion is slaying all over the place, I love scrunchies as much as the next gal but I want to buy everyone a bra
  9. The whole Joey - Dawson - Jen love triangle is going to be killer predictable, I know it already but I'm 100% invested already 
  10. First day of school for everyone, already Jen's pissing me off - your Granny's made you breakfast, eat it and pray or at least pretend to.  She's too old to be taking cheek from you
  11. Mysterious hint about what happened in NY to Jen and why she's moved to Dawson's Creek, wait that isn't the name of the town - I don't know what the real name is.
  12. "I get knocked down but I get up again, you ain't never going to keep me down" - yaaaaassss
  13. Is this actually what American schools are/were like?  Genuinely curious 
  14. How is this man in a varsity jacket also supposed to be a teenager?  He could lift a car!
  15. Dawson is asking Joey to come to the movies with him and Jen to stop her being uncomfortable, how does he not see there's a crush there? Boys are stupid 
  16. I like how Dawson's mum, the newsreader, is like the alpha-breadwinner of the house while the Dad is playing with scuba diving barbie waitresses, this is great 
  17. Occasionally Dawson has a LOT of 5 o'clock shadow for a 15 year old, seriously. Hope they tighten up on that now I'm committed to six seasons of this
  18. We're on the cinema, not date now.  Joey's asked if Jen's a virgin - edgy.  None of the girls have found a bra yet 
  19. Dawson wants to hold Jen's hand so bad, Joey is literally dying - poor Joey.  She interrupts - Dawson kicks off 
  20. Wow now everyone is kicking off, punching and popcorn everywhere with Pacey and the creepy teacher's date. Joey and Dawson are also having a domestic - did not expect this to bubble so soon but I like it.
  21. Jen and Dawson are walking home post non-date, will they kiss? 
  22. She says no and says sorry for the drama of the night while at the same time absolving herself, not so cute 
  23. Dawson, you also need to take more responsibility for tonight's events - also not cute 
  24. Jen is bringing up her bad time in NY, this better be a super juicy scandal when we find out
  25. Pacey is having another inappropriate chat on the waterfront with the teacher, he's getting sassy with her, she seems to like that "you're not a boy"- CRINGE 
  27. This is some pilot episode really, lots of drama, I can see why it got picked up 
  28. Dawson is home, Joey's hiding in a wardrobe - deep meaningful chat time 
  29. "I don't want to lose you Joey, what we have is the only thing that makes sense to me"  - that's nice.  Although now it's some patronising thing about her lipstick.  
  30. "It's all so complicated" - teenage angst at its finest from D
  31. Conclusion, Joey will now no longer sleep over - we have acknowledged the tension and more angst as Joey runs back to her boat in tears.  
  32. Hold the phone - Dawson shouts out his window to tell her when he has private Dawson time, Joey can row home in peace assured that they will still be friends 
  33. OH WAIT no she can't - Dawson's mum gets dropped off from work and is kissing her co-anchor, as D joked earlier.  Scandal, this will surely be the source of a lot of  teenage angst for Dawson in the future, I'm here for that.  Although it's a shame that our working mother is now an adultress.