Dog Walking

Another dog walk playing with our fancy pants stabiliser! What do you think?

Link to the stabiliser here

Is Snowdon Miners Track Dog Friendly?

is snowdon miners track dog friendly liquid grain liquidgrain

As you have probably seen, we recently went up Snowdon in late Autumn and we took the dogs.  However, in planning the trip there wasn't much information on the dog friendliness of Snowdon so I thought I would put together my thoughts on the matter.

My Kit to Climb Snowdon

kit to climb snowdon liquidgrain liquid grain hiking girl boots

In the Autumn Matty and I climbed Snowdon on the Miners Track and I've been getting some questions on Instagram about the kit I wore and had in my pack.

Patagonia Down Sweater Review

patagonia down sweater review liquidgrain liquid grain snowdon

I've had my Patagonia Down Sweater for two years and this is my third winter in it, so I'm well qualified to share my review of it now! 


snowdon liquidgrain liquid grain lake wales outdoors hill
Matty and I recently headed up Snowdon, and I'm pleased to say I survived! 

The Mull of Galloway - The Most Southerly Point in Scotland

mull of galloway scotland liquidgrain liquid grain southerly point

Not many people could tell you where the mos southerly point in Scotland is, but then again most people don't read my blog (sob... please share with your friends )

Gun Dog Photo Shoot

gundog photo shoot liquid grain liquidgrain spaniel Labrador

What a good looking bunch of dogs we have here!   

Northern Ireland Photo Diary

liquidgrain liquid grain northern ireland forest outdoors nature

Recently we went to Northern Ireland, and here are a few photos from there - hope you like them!

Another Woodland Walk

woodland walk woods forest liquid grain liquidgrain dubarry
The real question is, do I wear very similar outfits when dog walking?

Testing Neewer Carbon Fibre Handheld Stabiliser

We bought a fancy pants Neewer Carbon Fibre Handheld Stabiliser (for our holiday next year), and took it out on a dog walk on the first day we got it. 
The above footage is what we got, what do you think?

Woodland Walks

woodland walk dubarry boots liquidgrain liquid grain
Wandering through the woods in this lovely light!


Woof, woofer

Eve of Man Review

eve of man fletcher review video liquid grain liquidgrain

Eve of Man is the first of a YA trilogy written by husband-wife team Giovanna and Tom Fletcher.  I first listened to it on audio book on Audible but liked it so much I bought the hardbook version, however that doesn't make it perfect! 

English Countryside - Donnington Castle

donnington castle england countryside history liquidgrain liquid grain
Donnington Castle near Newbury is crazy old, like 14th Century old! 

May Papergang Unboxing

may papergang unboxing liquidgrain liquid grain review stationery sub box

There's pizza, rollerskates and a tiger on the front - that can only mean one thing, it's a Papergang stationery subscription unboxing and review! 

The Dream Merchant, Isobel Hoving Review

the dream merchant isabel hoving review liquidgrain liquid grain
At 640 pages, The Dream Merchant by Isobel Hoving is a monster of a YA book which is easy to get lost in but sometimes misses the mark.

June Papergang Unboxing and Review

june papergang unboxing review ohhdeer liquidgrain liquid grain

This lovely botanical themed stationery box was received as the June issue of the Papergang subscription box. 

Rothiemurchus, Aviemore

rothiemurchus aviemore walk outdoors liquidgrain liquid grain

Last winter I attended a lovely hen weekend in Aviemore in Scotland 

Artist Textiles: From Picasso to Warhol at New Lanark

artist textiles picasso to warhol new lanark art liquidgrain liquid grain

The Artist Textiles: From Picasso to Warhol exhibition at New Lanark was fantastic!

ETERNL Hair Growth Shampoo and Serum Review

eternl hair growth shampoo serum review blog liquidgrain liquid grain
I am pretty much the worst blogger in the world - I've had the Eternl Hair Growth Shampoo and Serum for ages!

Brill Windmill

brill windmill bicester photos review liquid grain liquidgrain

Close to Oxford there is a charming village on top of a hill.  On top of that hill there is an equally charming windmill.

Orange Blossoms

In Bloom

Puppies in a Tree

puppies dachshund cocker spaniel tree liquidgrain liquid grain

Puppies grow on trees!

The Green Room

"I need to buy more plants"

White Jumpsuit

white jumpsuit brighton pier smile liquid grain liquidgrain plus size

You might remember that in the summer we went to Brighton (here), I wore this fun white jumpsuit which I think is so special it deserves it's own post!


Brighton Palace pier liquidgrain liquid grain architecture building

During our extended summer we decided to take a trip to Brighton - neither of us had been before and we had a nice day out! 

Burnt Orange

faringdon folly farringdon liquidgrain liquid grain dog walk burnt orange
I recently shared this post on Faringdon Folly - a rather fun structure near us - but I also thought I would share my standard out and about/dog walk outfit in burnt orange.  

Everything on my ASOS Wishlist Under £10

asos wishlist wish list under £10 liquidgrain liquid grain closed
I'm a bit of a serial shopper but I need to close my wallet for a while!  I'm awful for scrolling through the ASOS app on my iPad when I'm wasting some time. 

Durdle Door Guide

durdle door guide dog friendly liquid grain liquidgrain review
This year I didn't manage to go on a "proper" holiday - which I've been very grumbly about - however, we have had some weekend getaways in Britain, including to Durdle Door in Dorset.  

Faringdon Folly

faringdon folly farringdon liquidgrain liquid grain review opening

A folly is "a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose", and after visiting Faringdon Folly with the dogs it is fast becoming one of my favourite architectural terms. 

Lavender Fields

liquidgrain liquid grain lavender fields mayfield dachshund uk

Floral fields and lavender fields in particular, have become a bit of a blogger/instagram cliche this summer.  However, I can't really complain because I've got to admit that this is a blogger trend I can get behind.

New Lanark Photo Diary

new lanark mill scotland travel blog review liquidgrain liquid grain
New Lanark is a kind of funny place which is well worth a visit if you are in the Central Belt of Scotland, looking for something different to do and don't mind popping down to the Borders.

St Andrews

st andrews fife scotland uk beach town sunset golden hour liquidgrain liquid grain

A small photo diary of a small town in Fife, Scotland by a girl and her small dog. 

Macdonald Rusacks St Andrews - A Dog Friendly Review

is russacks st andrews dog friendly review liquidgrain liquid grain

Apologies for the overdue review, but back in February when I was in St Andrews I stayed at the Rusacks.  Since I took Hetty (the mini dachshund) with me, I thought I would write up a quick review of the hotel from a dog-friendly perspective

Purple Hibiscus Book Review

purple hibiscus book review Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie liquidgrain liquid grain
I recently read Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it really was a book that opened my eyes to a lot of different things! 

33 Thoughts I had when watching Dawson's Creek for the first time

I don't know about you, but I missed Dawson's Creek the first time around.  I think I was a little too young and it was a little too grown up and American so either I didn't watch it or wasn't allowed to. 

However, recently when I was scrolling through Channel4 online I saw they had all six seasons - and I love a binge, so I decided to watch the first episode and share my thoughts with you as I go. 

The Marshmallow Lady Flavour Review

the marshmallow lady flavour review liquidgrain liquid grain

You might not have heard of The Marshmallow Lady but you should have - the gourmet marshmallows are so good! 

Spending Diary - 15-20 May 2018

liquidgrain liquid grain money spending diary budget blog blogger
Okay so I have not managed to calm down on my spending, I'm such a stress spender it's textbook... honestly. 

Spending Diary - 8-14 May

liquidgrain liquid grain money spending diary budget blog blogger
You might have seen that last week I kinda overspent on beauty items, so this week I'm going to try and keep to more of a budget...

Golden Hour Dog Walk

golden hour dog walk hippie forest liquidgrain liquid grain blog scotland
I for one am loving the summer light right now!  

April Papergang Subscription Unboxing and Review

april papergang subscription art house box stationery liquidgrain liquid grain
I'm back with another Papergang unboxing and review - this time for April 2018 which was done in collaboration with Art House charity and I've got to say I'm hyped. 

March Papergang Unboxing and Review

march papergang subscription stationery box review liquidgrain peskimo liquid grain
I know I'm late with this one - it's the unboxing of the March Papergang subscription box by Ohh Deer which was put together with Peskimo prints and designs.

Aira Force, Ullswater

aira force ullswater waterfall liquid grain liquidgrain lake district
A couple of weeks ago we headed down to the Lake District for the day and we wanted to get some pictures of the Aira Force waterfall at Ullswater we had heard about but never visited.  

So in addition to sharing some pictures with you I thought I would tell you a bit about the logistics of it all in case you want to visit. 

Spending Diary 1-7 May

spending diary liquid grain liquidgrain money budget savings

I know I've disappeared lately and so have my spending diaries - but now I've submitted all my university coursework for the year I can get back to telling you (with shame) where all my money goes.... 


Tobi Haul

tobi haul blogger liquid grain liquidgrain bodysuit plus size smile
Recently Tobi got in touch with me to ask if they could send me a couple of items to shoot, of course I said yes!  

And here are the three looks that I put together from the pieces....

Puppies in Snowdrops

dachshund and cockerspaniel in snowdrops in golden hour liquidgrain liquid grain
It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of these good looking guys, and I didn't want you missing out anymore - so here we are! 

February 2018 Papergang Stationery Subscription Box

Although I really liked the January Papergang subscription box, unfortunately February misses the mark for me.... 

Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson Review

gargoyle andrew davidson review liquidgrain liquid grain
Published in 2008, Gargoyle is the first novel from Andrew Davidson - and it's a blooming good one! 

Palladian Bridge

palladian bridge stowe national trust liquidgrain liquid grain
Palladian bridges are my new favourite thing. 

Spending Diary 22-28 February

spending diary liquid grain liquidgrain money budget savings
So we're into the last week of February's spending diary, and as you know this one has been a spendy one (unfortunately). 

January 2018 Papergang Stationery Subscription Box

whats in the january papergang subscription box liquidgrain liquid grain
I am a bit of a stationery addict, so when I saw that Oh Deer had started their own monthly stationery subscription box I signed up.  

And I thought I would share what's inside the boxes with you, alongside a couple of thoughts on them! 

The Beautiful and Damned Book Review

the beautiful and damned f scott ftzgerald review liquidgrain liquid grain

You might remember that I bought a beautiful hardback collection of F Scott Fitzgerald books (here if you don't).  

I've finally read The Beautiful and Damned and I loved it!

Spending Diary 15-21 February

To everyone's surprise, including my own, I'm actually sticking with this spending diary!  

I still think it is making me [slightly] more accountable with my spending - although I have to get better at spending.  Plus you guys seem to be enjoying it!