How To Dress When You're Tall

I'm tall, tall for a girl anyway at 5'11 and this has it's own challenges when it comes to fashion and managing to put clothes on in the morning. 

I had my growth spurts young - I was always the tallest in my class and so have always struggled!  Getting black trousers for school that were long enough was the hardest challenge of the summer!

Along my lanky troubles I have managed to pick up a few tips and tricks for looking like a normal sized person as I go!  

If you have any suggestions please post them below!

My main problem is that I want to look in proportion, I struggle because normal length on other people looks short short on me!  Like this dress - normal bodycon on everyone else, teeny on me! 

My Tips:

Know Your Best Assets and Flaunt Them 

Because I am lanky I have long legs so to make the best of them I try make the most of them! 

High Waisted Things  
High waisted jeans, skirts, shorts the lot!  First off these are necessity if you want to do normal things like sit down and not flash everyone everything.  Secondly they extend your legs, which make them look even longer!  

Wear Heels and LOVE IT!
Whoever says you can't wear heels just because you're tall knows nothing.  Screw that, wear your heels and you will look and feel awesome!  So what you'll be tall but everyone likes tall girls and your legs and bum will look so good! Work up the confidence and work those heels! 

Pointed Shoes 
A little bit of a point on your shoes will make your legs look nice and long.  Top tip! 

Accentuate Your Natural Waist 

By nipping in your waist it will make you look nice and long but also in proportion.  The problem is a lot of clothing's waist might not be the slimmest part of your body, which can actually make you look bigger.  For that reason avoid overly dropped waists and use a belt to pull you in.  Another way to do that is to get a well fitting peplum top which also helps skim over your tummy if you are self conscious about that. 

Don't Slouch

Okay, this is not a fashion tip as such but this is such an important point!  Tall people tend to slouch more because they are self concious of being tall but nothing looks worse than a tall person who is slouching- trust me I've seen some pretty awful pictures of me slouched over.  

So stand tall and embrace being tall!  It will make you look more confident and overall awesome but it will also help you avoid back/neck/shoulder pain.  

I've found the best way to do that is by wearing a couple of inches height on your shoes all the time.  This small heel makes me stand up a bit straighter and pull my shoulders back.  Plus a little heel is a lot better for your feet in the long term. 

If you work on a computer every day like I do make sure your screen is nice and high so you're not sloughing over it.  My screen is actually placed on top of 2 box files and since doing that it's been much better!  


Skinny Jeans
Getting the length I need on normal jeans is pretty much impossible so skinny jeans are my saviour.  My favourite brand for jeans has got to be Cheap Monday- amazing! 

Also, embrace the ankle grazing trend!  Cropped trousers are in, so is rolling up your trousers- this is the moment us tall girls have been waiting for, go forth with your ankles showing and it being okay!  Every summer I roll up my trousers, and this can carry into Autumn as long as you get some pretty cute ankle boots to poke out the bottom.

Aah, sleeve lengths is another problem.  My orangutan arms mean that I struggle to get coats that are long enough.  The best solution I have found with this is unfortunately to bite the bullet and invest!  

And because I'm a good country lass in need of a waxed jacket my main coat is a waxed jacket from Barbour.  The best thing about Barbour is although the sleeves were initially too short for me there is a really affordable alteration service.  For the modest total of £27.50 I was able to send my jacket away to get 6cms of length added on to the sleeve.  It's not just for sleeves, it can be for overall length or other changes too which is great.  And Barbours last for ages!  

Other Brands For Tall People

Jack Wills
Most of their things is quite long in the body and jeans are long in the leg as well which is great. 

Black Milk 
For fun leggings but also decent black leggings (here) that are actually long enough.

Top Shop
Good tall section, covers a lot of the trends. 

Holland Cooper 
Proper country style but quite expensive. 

Cheap Monday 
Not just jeans, but generally quite long. 

And if you're tall you can probably relate to this Buzzfeed article - 28 Everyday Struggles When You Are 6 Foot Something, I certainly did! 


  1. This is a great post!

    I'm too tall for most clothes, a lot of dresses don't fit right on me but I'm not nearly as tall as you. I'm 5ft 8. I feel like clothes are made for girls that are around 5ft 4. I'm too tall for normal clothes but too short for tall clothes! Doom.

    Corinne x

    1. I know! When you realise that most tall ranges are aimed at girls 5'7 and above you know we've not got a chance with normal clothes!

  2. This is a gorgeous post! I'm definitely not tall, but the photos are so beautiful I got sucked in. I reckon sometimes it's good to read about body shapes other than your own, because it keeps your approach to dressing fresh!

    indigo xx

    1. Thank you so much! What inspired me with this post was another post aimed at petite girls!


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