Looking Back At 2014's Popular Posts

I always find it interesting looking over the different stats relating to Liquid Grain- how many people decide to read my posts and when, where you all are and most interestingly what you like to read! 

As a little round up of 2014 I thought I would post a few of the most popular posts of this year.    

5 - Cutting My Hair Off, Why Everyone Should Try It

Silent Sunday

Film Photography

As you might know, every Sunday I post a photo in a series called Silent Sunday.  This is where I post a photo, with no words and no real context but a nice looking photo. 

It's Christmaaas!

This is just a little post to say Merry Merry Christmas!  

Lyon Fete des Lumieries [Festival of Lights] 2014

lyon fete des lumieries festival of light liquidgrain liquid grain france
Every year on the 8th of December and the nearest weekend Lyon, France hosts a very special and totally amazing light festival.  

Silent Sunday

Velvet Shorts & Floral Top

Remember when I went to Grenoble a couple of weeks ago?  Well, while I was half way up a mountain we also shot this look- which I think it kinda Christmassy because velvet is always Christmassy isn't it? 

Silent Sunday

10 Awesome Things About Living in France

So I've been living in Franceland for four months now - which is completely crazy - so I thought it was about time I wrote a post about living here.  To start it on a positive note I thought I would tell you some of the awesome things about living in France.

Throwback LOOKS

With the end of the year coming around it's made me realise that I've been dabbling in this blogging business for quite a wee while now.  It's also made me realise, when looking back on old posts, how much I've changed over the last few years. 

So I've decided to make a little compilation post of a few of my favourite looks from my blogging time.  That way a few of my newer followers might get to see some older looks of mine and we can all giggle at how much I've changed.  

Not only has my blogging got a little better (I hope - the photos have certainly got bigger) but physically I've cut off my hair, dip dyed it and put on weight *sobs*.  Let's all giggle at them! 

Do you have a favourite throwback post from your own blog or youtube channel? 

Galaxy Catsuit Fun Times 

Hats, Pretty Lights and Photography

Do you know those really pretty winter mornings?  When the sun light is all shiny and gorgeous and makes everything it touches look clean and alive? 

Silent Sunday

Grenoble's Bubble Cars and Bastille

grenoble blubble cars grenoble bastille france liquidgrain liquid grain what to do in grenoble

As you might have seen on my Instagram page, a couple of weeks ago me and the boyfriend had a little day trip to Grenoble.  One of the best things about moving to Lyon has been how easy it's been to explore the cities around me.  As well as getting to know Lyon better (like the Parc de la Tete d'Or) I've been to Marseille where it was lovely and sunny.  Now we have this and things to go in Grenoble...

How To: Study

It's that time of year again - exam time!  Yaaaay!  Or not so much, exams are stressy horrible times but we have got to do them. 

Since most people I know are getting ready for their end of semester / Christmas exams I thought I would put together my best tips for studying.  I've done three years worth of university exams and school one before that so I have a few under my belt.  

Silent Sunday

Printed Peplum

Super quick outfit post today, I found this really nice exposed brick wall just down the street from my apartment so we popped around after work to take this look quickly.  

One Day In Marseille, France - Things To Do In Marseille

what to do in marseille things to do in marseille france liquidgrain liquid grain

You may remember that I went to Marseille a few weeks ago (back when it was gorgeous and sunny), we just went for the day on the train so I thought I would write up my little guide on how to spend one day in France's City of the South. 

An Amazingly Beautiful Procrastination Tool

I'm sorry to do this to you, since I know you probably have way more important things to do.  But I have an amazingly beautiful procrastination game for you- click here.

Here I made this gorgeous picture in like 2 minutes - I've since done many many more but I don't think you want to see…

Silent Sunday

Someone Buy Me These Things... Please?

Do you know when you have a morning scrolling through the internet looking at pretty things you want to buy? Well I have had one of those days, and so in an effort to be productive and not spend all the money in the world I have decided to put together all the things I've been looking at today.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend

Now that it's Thursday it's time to start thinking about the weekend.  Sometimes we work so hard during the week we don't quite know how to get the most out of those two scared days when we don't have to be getting up and doing the daily commute. 

I think we've all been guilty of being so excited for the weekend but then sleeping away half of it.  

Here are my 6 best tips to get the most out of your weekend: 

Parc de la Tete d'Or in Lyon, France

parc de lat tete d'or lyon france liquidgrain liquid grain
Lyon is usually seen as the second city of France, and Parc de la Tete d'Or is the biggest park in Lyon.  It's chuck-a-block full of things to do and see and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Lyon- especially in the summer when the weather is nice.  

Silent Sunday

Humming Birds and Denim

I love my Black Milk Inside Out Dress - I just love the concept of how this is two dresses in one!

Innsbuck, Austria Photo Diary

The town of Innsbruck in Austria is ridiculously beautiful, I mean it!  As you might have seen in my recent post about going up the mountain (here) I found Innsbruck stunning!

Innsbruck is a small city in the region of Tyrol in Austria.  It's nestled in the Alps which is the perfect location for winter sports as well as meaning the view is breathtaking!

I was in Innsbruck for a sporting competition so we didn't get to explore the city as much as we would have liked to.  So I would love to go back to explore properly.  

Before I start on my photo diary I thought I would set the scene by showing you how stunning the shooting range looked.  Believe me I have been in a lot of shooting ranges, in a lot of countries- some are ugly, some are not so bad but none of them have this amazing view! By the way, if you want to keep up to date with the sporting side of my life then click here. 

My Black Milk Clothing Wrapped Wishlist

So I think we all know that I am a big fan of the brand Black Milk Clothing - you've seen my whacky outfits and there's even a tab up at the top of the page dedicated to all my Black Milk related posts. 

Now in a couple of hours their Wrapped collection is going live for Christmas!  So I thought I would put together a little wish list for the collection.

Silent Sunday

Let's Take A Minute To Talk About Ads On Liquid Grain

Happy Weekend!  Now let's take a minute to sit down and take a minute to talk about ads.  

My Marseille Look

Remember how I declared this look to be the final look of summer?  Well it looks like I lied... 

Silent Sunday

The One Thing To Do In Innsbruck, Austria

The Austrian town Innsbruck is well known for being a beautiful city in a very picturesque region and its famous for its winter sports (Innsbruck has hosted Winter Olympics multiple times) but there is more to it than that! 

Autumn Style Widget

Take 2 at showing you my Autumn Style picks!

Hopefully you can see it this time... 

I basically love tartan, boots and hats - what more is there to it than that?

What are you wearing this Autumn? 

Silent Sunday

[I hope you enjoyed your extra hour sleep last night, I know I did!] 

Lyon's Red Carpet Event (Literally) Le Tapis Rogue

One of the great things about moving to a new city is discovering all the events and places which are unique to your new home.  

On the 6th of October, on the good advice of my co-workers I discovered Lyon's antique night - Le Tapis Rogue which was a really good night and I recommend it to everyone who is in Lyon early October times. 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Review

I know I'm late to the Salt Spray party but I'm here now and this review is to let you know that I have arrived!  

How To Dress When You're Tall

I'm tall, tall for a girl anyway at 5'11 and this has it's own challenges when it comes to fashion and managing to put clothes on in the morning. 

I had my growth spurts young - I was always the tallest in my class and so have always struggled!  Getting black trousers for school that were long enough was the hardest challenge of the summer!

Along my lanky troubles I have managed to pick up a few tips and tricks for looking like a normal sized person as I go!  

If you have any suggestions please post them below!

My main problem is that I want to look in proportion, I struggle because normal length on other people looks short short on me!  Like this dress - normal bodycon on everyone else, teeny on me! 

My Tips:

Silent Sunday

French Food

Today is a bit of food porn, and I'm not going to apologise for it because who doesn't love a bit of food porn?  Especially French food!

So I thought I would show you some of the delicious food that I have been eating since moving to Lyon.  As well as tasting amazing it looks just as good! 

Silent Sunday

What's On My Kindle

As you might be able to tell from my Instagram I love my kindle.  Don't get me wrong I love real books, I especially love special copies of books which will one day live in my beautiful library - like this gorgeous copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.  

But on my commute to and from work my kindle is my saviour, I love it.  And I know some of you guys are avid readers as well, so I thought I would share with you what is currently on my kindle and a few words of a review as well! 

Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

I know a lot of people really like Clinique's High Impact Mascara so when I received it in a little goodie bag from Debenhams when I bought some other face things I thought I would give it a shot! 

My Last Summer Look

That's it, I've declared this to be the last summer look of the year!  I think summer has hung on for as long as possible here in Lyon but she's away now.  We even had some rain the other day! 

Silent Sunday

How To Shoot A Look On Farm Land

The great thing about this time of year is that the environment around us is changing- and by this I mean the farm land around us is changing.   

All this change is what keeps everything going, and it also means that these are some locations to shoot that aren't always there.  Which makes them even more interesting!  

The 7 Best Things To Do In Venice

Before I get going on my Venice Top 7 I need a little advice from you - my content over the past few weeks has turned a little more lifestyle and travel based.  This is what is going on in my life and what I am getting more interested in so that's why I'm throwing in a little bit of the travel side into the blog.  I was wondering if you had noticed lately, and if you had any thoughts on it please share!  

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer Review

I've had this primer for a wee while now and have been using it for most of summer, so I thought I would a little review for you.  I'm no beauty blogger but I will try my very best at making this an okay, semi - useful review. 

Silent Sunday

City Wandering

A new look!  Finally!  Everything's been a bit manic but here are a few shots from a look we did in the Old Town of Lyon.  

One Accessory To Take You All Through Autumn

You might have seen my new favourite accessory on Twitter or Instagram - yes I love it that much I have been posting it here, there and everywhere!

I don't have any proper pictures of my wearing it yet, but it's not been off my head since I bought it at the end of August.  

So I thought I would share with you this magnificent hat from Accessorize.... 

It's the perfect transitional piece to take you through Autumn and all the way to winter!

You can find it here for £29.

A Students Guide To St Andrews, Scotland

It's that time again, everyone is heading back to their academic homes for the year - except me!  I've taken a year out to pursue an internship in France, so perhaps I'm being a little nostalgic but I've decided to write my student's guide to St Andrews, my student home.  

New first years will have had Freshers week and just starting classes, so although this blog might be a little late for some I hope it's still useful.  If you have any questions about St Andrews whether you are there already or maybe if you are considering St Andrews as a study option then get in touch with me! 

Silent Sunday

Cutting My Hair Off, Why Everyone Should Try It

For most of my teenage life my hair was long, I'm talking really long!  It was long, thick and curly- sometimes a bit of a hassle, but I loved it and considered it one of my best features. 

My First Week In Lyon Photo Diary

So I've had a a few days to settle into living in Lyon, so I thought I would show you a quick photo diary of my time here.  Sorry if all this Lyon chat is boring to you but ah well #myblogmyrules 

After a bit of chaos I've finally had the chance to shoot some outfits as well, so expect them soon! 

How To Shoot Posts On Location

You might have seen on Twitter and Instagram that a wee while ago I guest posted over at Scotbloggers.  I wrote a post about my tips about how to shoot outfit posts on location.  You should check it out, but I also thought I would write up a little summary of it here!  Hope you find it useful! 

Finding The Perfect Location

  • Finding a location isn't as difficult as you might think - it can be anywhere and everywhere.

Silent Sunday

If You Do One Thing In Lyon Tonight...

So you're in the beautiful city of Lyon, in the Rhone-Alps area of France , what are you going to do tonight?  

Well if you are in the mood for some culture, fun and a taster of Lyon then I have the perfect thing for you to do.  And it's FREE!  What could be better... 

Current Missguided Wants

Budget online shop Missguided has went from one strength to another the past few years, and with this year's autumnal pieces beginning to trickle into store it seems as though they are once again hitting on all the upcoming trends.  

Click on the photos to go straight to the site, or click more to read about the trends. 

Silent Sunday

My Blogging Tools Of The Trade

I've been getting into this blogging game for almost two years now (wow, time flies!) and I have picked up a few technological tools which makes blogging a bit easier and smoother to do.  So I thought I would share them with you. 

My Dream Holiday Destinations

With all this moving to France and reading everyone else's blogs about their exciting summer holidays the wanderlust bug has definitely bit me.  

Plus it doesn't help that I have recently re-discovered the Wanderlust website which tempts me to run away!  

So I thought I would put together a list of my dream holiday destinations, what do you think of my list?

In no particular order.... 

Glacier Express in the Alps 

Afternoon Tea on a Budget at Brodies in Moffat, South West Scotland

UPDATE JULY 2015: I can no longer endorse Brodies as a business for a number of reasons despite enjoying my afternoon tea.  Please note that I paid for the food featured in this post myself. 

You might have spotted on Instagram that last week I went for afternoon tea with my Mum, we are both BIG fans of afternoon tea so like to treat ourselves now and then. 

Silent Sunday