Gym Clothing Haul

Recently I have been going to the gym more often (as you can see from my Gym Count tab at the top.  

So as a little reward to myself while I was in Russia and bored I decided to order some gym clothes.  And they were waiting for me when I got back!  

I had a hunt around a few different brands, high end ones and the cheaper ones.  But I actually decided to purchase from...  Sports Direct.  And I have got to say, they sell some ridiculously cheap clothes!  

My order came to under £50 (which I still considered expensive but I splashed out on two items so meh) and I am so happy with what I got.  

I received: 

Grey Just Do It vest top from Nike. 
This is sooo soft!  And the long line shape is really flattering.  I would really recommend it for all types of exercise. 
This was one of my more expensive items.  It's sold out now but find a similar one here for £12.99. 

Another one from Nike were these amazing shorts. 
They have the Just Do it waistband and are so soft and meshy.  It's liek wearing boxers and I love it.  
My favourite purchase by miles.  
These are also sold out, but here are a pale blue pair that look pretty similar for £17.99.

Now for my more colourful items:
I bought these awesomely bright Reebok shorts.  Not quite as comfy as the Nike ones, they are more of a traditional short.  
Very light though, perfect for cardio and outside work outs I would say.  
I'm really sorry but these are also gone from the website.  But I'm sure if you have a look you will find something similar. 

I also got a tight little Londsdale gym top. 
Pretty simple, gym material.  Nice cut of the neckline- not too high or too low.  
This was just a nice cheap work out top.  Although does come up quite small so I would size up.  I sized up and I would still call this tight.  
You can find it here, it was a bargain for £4.99 

So I am pretty happy with my little gym clothing haul.  I am also really excited for the new Black Milk Gym range and I am hoping to get a couple of pieces from it.  You should keep updated about the release on their Facebook here.  But here are one of the sneaks they have released: 



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