Tuesday, 20 November 2018

May Papergang Unboxing

may papergang unboxing liquidgrain liquid grain review stationery sub box

There's pizza, rollerskates and a tiger on the front - that can only mean one thing, it's a Papergang stationery subscription unboxing and review! 

You know I've had mixed feelings towards these boxings (see my saga here) however overall I like this box!  

I think it is consistently designed - although fun it's not too immature/garish like some of the boxes and the items inside are generally useful. 

Inside there is: 
- A5 linen notebook 
- Sticker sheets 
- Birthday card 
- Free monthly calendar print out 

There is one downside to this box, and that's iron-on patches?!  There are three patches in the box - loose, with no apparent purpose and look like an afterthought.  I don't like patches and I don't think they are worth the apparent £8.95 it says in the book - in my opinion Papergang significantly weakens its offerings when it steps outside of the stationery realm and into fashion/lifestyle.  It's items like this (and this) which tend to let the subscription box down. 

Anyway, I go into more details in my YouTube video below - even if you don't fancy the box, I'd recommend you watching it if you want to see me filming outside when a thunder storm starts and me not handling it like a lady... 

may papergang unboxing liquidgrain liquid grain review stationery sub box


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