Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Casually Stripy

glencoe lookbook liquidgrain liquid grain blog ootd
I realise that instead of being a normal human being and explaining why I seemingly dropped off the face of the internet, blogosphere earth for the past several weeks I just came out of nowhere on Tuesday and posted a book review.  So I thought I should probably give you a little bit of an explanation before getting stuck into this outfit post!

So to explain my disappearance - I had to take some time out of blogging, Youtube and instagram to be an adult for a bit!  At the end of August I got a new job, moved to a new city (Birmingham) and started my Masters - since then I've just been finding my feet!

But back to this look, it's super casual but I like it!  We shot this look back in summer when we were visiting Glen Coe in the Highlands - if you want to watch my vlog on my trip you can see it here!

Glen Coe is absolutely beautiful, if you get the chance to go you definitely should!  It's not that far away from the central belt so get on up there!

My super boring outfit: 
Jack Wills stripy tee here
M&S black jeans here
Shoes here 
Sunglasses here 

glencoe lookbook liquidgrain liquid grain blog ootd
glencoe lookbook liquidgrain liquid grain blog ootd

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