Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Blogging Tools Of The Trade

I've been getting into this blogging game for almost two years now (wow, time flies!) and I have picked up a few technological tools which makes blogging a bit easier and smoother to do.  So I thought I would share them with you. 


When I'm planning posts my posts my favourite tool is a bit old fashioned- a notebook and pen!


I tend to just write my posts on Blogger's own template.  

For editing the photos before they go up I am told by Matty (my long suffering photographer, if you're feeling sorry for him give him a like here) that he uses just uses Lightroom for blog posts. 


I use blogger's own tools to schedule posts. 

I also have some social media scheduled automatically - when I upload to Lookbook a tweet is sent out, same with Bloglovin

I have a Google calender where I can keep an eye on what's going on.  I have my reoccurring features already scheduled - like Silent Sunday and Fourth Favourites.  I then write in posts which are written and scheduled.  If I have ideas but I haven't written them up yet then I note that too. 

Posting and Sharing 

Once a post goes live - which a *top tip* is best to be right at the start of the day, and preferably on a regular basis - it's always worth giving it a little share.  I don't like to go over board with it, although I could probably do a little better with my promoting of it. 

As I said there is an automatic tweet that goes out when it goes live.  But I like to follow it up with an instagram post because photos are pretty!  For some reason instagram photos you tell to post to Twitter annoyingly show up as a link, not a photo on Twitter.  So to get around that I use an IFTTT  recipe to make it show up on Twitter as a picture.  This is super handy!  

I also have Instagram linked up to my Facebook page, which I use the Pages app to manage on my phone as well.  

Do you have any vital tools in your blogging tool box? 


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post, I read every one!

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