Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show

Last week the grand McEwan Hall in Edinburgh was transformed into the height of student fashion for the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show for two shows a night, Wednesday to Friday.  

Before setting off here is what I decided to wear: 

Quick selfie!  I went for my Black Milk Peacock Swim, denim skater skirt, sheer kimono and New Look clutch bag.  

The show started with showcases from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students which showed some real talent.  There was also collections from textile students, and I just loved what the 4th year textile students produced!  

But then it was on to the main event - the graduate collections.

These stole the show, there was so much varying talent which was great to see.  For me the stand out collections were: 


Her pieces were simple yet outstandingly beautiful, they were draped and cut perfectly.  Although it was one of the first collections it stuck with me - so it shows how much I liked it!  I also loved the use of animal horns- ram or goat inspiration I think - in making accessories such as handbags or rucksacks.  I want one! 


This collection was the epitome of street and urban wear, it was out there, it was fun.  There was some really interesting use of shape and colour.  You could really imagine the ready to wear versions setting high street trends- like the cut of some jackets, asymmetric trousers and so on!


Berry's collection had quite a sci-fi feel about it.  I particularly liked the mix of using menswear accents, like the sock holders, on women.  


There was so much work in this collection - it was sequins galore!  Sequins just covered everything.  Leitch's classical shapes just screamed elegance and luxury.  This and Glover's have to be my favourite for their use of quality materials and innovative twists on classical looks.  Utterly amazing!  

After the fashion students came the turn of the performance costume and fashion students.  This gave the show a real fun and lively edge after some quite serious fashion collections.  Again there were group showcases from 1st, 2nd and 3rd years- some of them which were quite crazy (see below).  Before it went into individual graduates' collections.  

The good thing about this that the collections weren't paraded down the catwalk, instead they were performed for about three minutes in a mini show.  It was amazing how different these performances were; some were fun, some were conceptual, all so different and full of amazing costumes.  But obviously hard to photograph as you can imagine, so I just sat back and enjoyed the show! 

Oh - this is the first post where I've taken and edited all the photos myself, how did I do?  I'm really proud of them!  Hopefully I can go to more events and learn more about photography and all that jazz! 

*disclaimer- I was supervised on the Mac.  He made me put this, since he did help me a bit! 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Black Milk Voucher Giveaway

Roll up, roll up!  Free thing, free thing!  If you want to win a $25AUD voucher for Black Milk Clothing then this is your chance!   

I'm running a giveaway over on my Facebook page which you need to like to enter. 

Then all you have to do is find this photo, like it then share it. Then if you pop a wee comment underneath then I can count your entry! 

If you want a chance at an extra entry you have to follow me on my new Bloglovin - here.  Then put your username in the comments, then you have two entries!  

I'll make a video drawing the entries after it closes on the 25th of May.  

Good luck!   

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lush Mini Haul

I need Lush advice!  What is everyone's favourite lush products?  I'm slowly easing myself into Lush (you can see my previous favourite post for it here).  And I need more!  

My latest purchase was the Big Sea Salt shampoo, you can buy it here for £11.95.  It's all natural and an amazing gritty shampoo which gets a nice lather.  Once I've used it for a little while I'll be sure to post a review!


Thursday, 24 April 2014

How To: Lookbook

A wee while I posted a little rant... my rant was about how people seem to have forgotten how to use Lookbook.  I was getting a bit annoyed because it seemed as though every time I went on to it all I was doing was flagging look after look!  

So I decided that I should do a significantly less ranty post where I post my tips on what I think makes a good look!  I'll try and make it a little interesting with as many different looks as possible!  

1)  Follow the rules!  

I know I sound like your mother right now, but there are rules for a reason so we should try and stick to them.  

Then main offenders tend to break the heads-to-knees or shoulders-to-feet rule.  I know this can be a tricky one since sometimes this isn't always your favourite shot.  But it's a look website for a reason - to show your looks!  And this rule is important, meaning that we are not overrun by head shots (it does happen).  Everyone has a blog so put all your shots on that, especially your favourite one! 

2) It's all about the background

You don't want a busy background, but it needs to be pleasing.  Whether it's a neutral background or a location shoot with something going on it needs to add to the look not take away from it.  

As you have seen, one of my favourite locations to use as a background for my looks is pretty simple - beach alley as I call it!

3) High quality pictures 

This is a bit of a controversial post, because some people think that a high quality photo shouldn't matter and it's about the outfit.  

But for me it makes a difference!  It's about the look as a whole, not just the outfit and part of that for me is a nice clear, high quality picture. 

4) Don't be spammy

This isn't a look tip, but don't just post the same comment on everyone and fan everyone.  People do notice and it's not great.

5) Be the one and only! 

Don't feel bullied into using more than one photo, I know a lot of people do and sometimes it works.  But more often than not it ends up looking messy and sometimes can make the photo look a bit funny or lose a bit of flow. 

Be confident in you look, one photo is often enough! 

6) Smile!

Or just generally have an expression!  Mix it up and use your face, it's important to show your personality.  


6) Be a mover and a shaker 

Move around, the more you move the more natural your photos will look - so even better!

7)  Edit, but not too much

Everyone likes a bit of editing, and it's important to do, especially if you're shooting in RAW.  But don't take it too far!  

Here's an example of my most edited look, and I did a full post on how to do it here.  But to be honest this is further than what I'm usually comfortable with and I wouldn't make a habit about having it as edited as this!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Quick Northern Ireland Haul

When I was in Northern Ireland recently I accidentally managed to do some shopping... I didn't get anything exciting but  I thought I would do a little post about it anyway! 

First up was this shop called DV8 (odd name I know) which was in Ballymena.  The women's section was not really my style, a little clubby.  

But I spotted this jersey in the men's department.  And I must say I like it!  I think it was like £11 and it'll be perfect for matching with leggings and shorts when it gets a little warmer. 

Still in Ballymena I went into United Colours of Benneton and seemed to manage to pick up a lot of black... 

Both tops were £12 in their sale, which is pretty good!  One is a matte peplum (you can see me wearing it here) and the other is a nice and shiny draped vest top.  Nothing too exciting but they're the stuff that you need to have in your wardrobe. 

Next on the list was Belfast - a sad place to shop when you're as broke as me.  But again I was on the hunt for basics and River Island was the place to find them.  

I got two very basic camis, one black long line one with a bit of texture through it and a plain white one.  Not very exciting, but like I said needs must!  The white one is the same cut as my navy polka dot one which is a really flattering cut, so that's great! 

That's all for today! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

ART: Spring Fling Home Exhibition

Some of you might remember my first art review post (you can see it here if you don't), but on the same day where I went to see the giant dolls of Sparkle and Spin I also went to the Spring Fling Home Exhibition. 

The Spring Fling Home Exhibition was also held at the Gracefield Art Centre in Dumfries, which you can again find the information here

The Home Exhibition is open now until the 3rd of May and the aim of it was to showcase all 92 artists that will be featuring in Spring Fling.  Before I go into Home let's take a minute and talk about Spring Fling, because it is one of my favourite weekends of the year and is one of the reasons I love my home - Dumfries and Galloway.  

Spring Fling is this crazily good arts festival that happens all over Dumfries and Galloway on the weekend of 24th to the 26th of May.  Over this weekend almost 100 artists across the land open up their galleries for everyone for free.  I love this weekend because you discover all sorts of different creative people right on your doorstep. 

You can find out more about it here.

Now the Home Exhibition is kind of like a preview to the Spring Fling.  They have got at least one piece - usually more - from every single artist and have curated it in a home setting. 

Here are my favourite pieces from around the "Home"

And look what I saw as I wandered around, lots of Little Dot Creations!  Remember I had a very special interview with the artist Suzi a couple of weeks ago?  Well she is doing really well and is taking part in Spring Fling so is featured in Home.  But don't her cushions and everything look great? 

Overall I really respect the way the curator has came at this gallery.  They were clearly given a brief of showcasing every artist which is really tough!  I think the theme of Home was a great idea and a really clever way of getting around the hard brief.  

However (unfortunately there is a however), as you walk around the rooms you can't help but feel like it's all a bit mismatched.  Unfortunately there isn't a lot of flow to the exhibition as the rooms aren't really organised by themes or colours, rather it's by the function of the room.  There was also some art outside the rooms, which almost had the feeling of bric-a-brak about the place with no real place in the home which was a shame.  So that's my only criticism of the Spring Fling Home Exhibition, but I know that with so many artists to work with this was going to be really difficult and the curator has been really creative!  

Overall it is still a really nice day out and it's also useful!  If you are going to Spring Fling this year I would really recommend Home to get a taste of the artists for the weekend and make your action plan! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Windy Castle

Today we decided to go to a castle, but it turns out this castle was up a hill so I got tricked into walking up a hill to get to it.... unimpressed.  

However when we got there it was really pretty!  Even though we couldn't climb up the tower for "health and safety reasons" Boo!  But it was fun to look around even with a little fog on the ground!  

Then we did a very windy look!  

I am wearing my beloved River Island cami
Primark jeans and cardigan


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jumping Dogs And Running Lambs

Teeny tiny lifestyle post today about teeny tiny lambs!  Well not really but they do feature because they are so cute.  

Today a terrible thing happened to me - I was abandoned.  While Matty went to work I was left all by myself.

Since it was a nice day I decided to force his dog to come on a walk with me.  You see, Tess isn't too keen on me.  We have an odd relationship as she doesn't quite trust me, or anyone for that matter because like most springer spaniels she is completely devoted to her master.  So I naturally think she is a crazy dog since dogs love me, I am a complete dog person and pretty much a dog whisperer (this might be in my head a little bit). 

So off we went off to down the fields and eventually we both started having a good time - sticks were thrown and Tess goes mad for any running water so it was all okay.  

We even found a very exciting bottle floating in the river, which everyone knows is pretty much the best fun ever!  

Eventually we turned back up to go home and suddenly we were swarmed by the biggest and scariest dog ever! 

Not really Betty is the dumbest and most harmless dog in the country.  She's so dopey but clearly wanted to come check out what was going on.  

With all this commotion I was really surprised to look up and see a wee lamb making it's way towards us.  It was really curious to see what we were doing but at the same time worries about leaving its Mum.  We stood still as it creeped towards us as curiosity won out over fear. 

Well not all fear since Tess was very wary of this mewing machine and had to hide behind me.  At least Betty was brave- although to be honest she probably didn't even know what was going on... 

After it creeped towards us and gave us a good look (and I snapped a couple of photos of it) the lamb decided to skip off back to Mum, adventure done for the day!

And that was my excitement for the day.  I apologise for the lack of fashion in this post - here is an attractive selfie I took anyway - but with lambs as cute as this can you blame me?!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Vintage Tea Dress

As you might have guessed I kind of have this vintage thing going on right now.  Vintage is fun isn't it?  

And today's vintage look is shot at another run down petrol station - who knew Northern Ireland had so many?  I didn't!  If you want you can see my last vintage petrol station look here

Apparently in the summer a whole load of wild flowers grow all over the place and it sounds so beautiful.  So I am definitely going to make a point of coming back here in the summer!

Today I am wearing: 
Tea Dress from a random Russian shop 
Cardi from River Island

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