Thursday, 30 January 2014

New Label Alert - Rakel Blom

I think we all know how interconnected the world is, and the internet is meaning it is even more so.  There is no longer six degrees of separation locally but all over the world!  

Through one of my crazy internet forums based around the cult that is Black Milk Clothing it came to light that an Icelandic member's sister has just started a new fashion label.  So I did a little digging and discovered Rakel Blom!  We got chatting through Facebook and I sent her a few questions so we can all get to know her and Rakel Blom the label.    

Q: How is it different living in London compared to Iceland?  

There are a lot of differences but the main one being the population, there are so many people in London!  When I'm in Iceland you can hardly go to the supermarket without seeing at least one or two people you know, but here you see thousands of people every day and you might never see any of them again!

London is also a really exciting city - it's a cliché but it's true!

Q: What's the inspiration for your current collection?  Have you travelled a lot personally?

Yes I think I've travelled quite a fair bit.  I've seen a lot of Asia, done a few trips through Europe, Africa and Australia.   I also lived in New Zealand when I was studying.  I absolutely love travelling and there is so much more I want to see, any tips are appreciated!

Actually my travel has inspired my current collection - "The World Through My Eyes" where each outfit was inspired by a different continent.

Q: Talk me through who is on your North and South American pieces and why.

When I was researching for South America print I used a lot of native flowers and iconography of cult figures.  I read a lot about the history and try to get a good feeling of what's going on, but really at the end of the day, it's a fashion label - my label and how I interpret the guidelines I set myself.

I do have quite a lot of interest in history.  On the North American print for example, you have a lot of popularised items because they tend to celebrate the the commercial quite a bit - Barbie, Lincoln, Marilyn and above all it is about the story you make of them.  The North American print with the central image of Frida Kahlo was the spikes is slightly reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.

Q: What's currently going on with you, what should we be on the look out for? 

Busy days!  I take on a lot of things so I have to be flexible and work hard and stay focussed, but the main plan is to sell at a few markets (watch this space for details!) around London next month.  

I'm also looking at starting my next collection which is very exciting!

Q: Are you going to continue around the world in future collections?

Travelling will always influence my designs in one way or another, as both fashion and travel are such huge aspects of my life, but my theme for my next collection will be a bit different... we'll be giving more hints about it on the website in the near future.

Now some quick questions:

Q: Favourite colour?

This one is a tough one as I love colours and feel a bit like I'm leaving one out by picking a favourite but if I would have to pick uhhh... I would probably say green.

Q: Tea or coffee?

Black coffee.

Q: Last film you watched?

Mary Poppins, such a colourful and happy movie!

So I hope you've enjoyed meeting the brains behind Rakel Blom and seeing some of her fab designs.  I certainly have my eye on a few pieces!  

I really love featuring new talent here on Liquid Grain!  So if you or anyone you know has a talent they want to share get in touch at  Whether you are in fashion, crafts, homewares, jewllery- anything at all!  Or give me a tweet if you have any suggestions! 


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buy My Stuff!

Wanna buy my stuff?  Because if you want to that's totally okay... like totally.  Especially since I've moved back up to uni and realised how much it costs to live and how I like heating and stuff like that.  

So if you want to buy this stuff, click below! 


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dark Hedges Shoot

The Dark Hedges are a pretty famous landmark in Northern Ireland, really quite iconic and you see them in lots of gorgeous photos.

But the thing with the Dark Hedges is that they are a bugger to find!  Down and round some country roads then you park in a field gate.  Then jump out quickly and take pictures in between other cars and people out taking photos.

So I didn't manage to get great pictures, not too happy with them but the Dark Hedges is so nice I thought I would put them up.  It was super windy and kind of rainy so hopefully we can get back in better weather!

I'm wearing:
New Look blazer
Tesco floral shirt
River Island jeans 
River Island shoes
Longchamp bag here


Sunday, 26 January 2014


This is the third installment in my homewares - specifically cushion - series!  You can see my first two here and here.  

Today's Home cushion is a gorgeous Avoca cushion which I bought from the little boutique I used to work in.  

It was sitting around staring at me for weeks before I finally gave in and bought it!  

Avoca is such a great quality brand and the cushion is no exception, so plump and soft!  Plus everyone needs a bit of Home around them!


Friday, 24 January 2014

Vintage Petrol Station Shoot

Look at this amazing place!  On the side of the road on the way to Ballymena there is this old school petrol station and a bit of concrete.  So we pulled up and jumped out to do this quickly. 

Although it was quite an odd situation since there were cars racing by and I think a few of them were quite perplexed by what was going on.  

So pretty simple OOTD, but who doesn't love denim on denim?

I'm wearing:

New Look heels you have seen on this blog a gizillion times
River Island jeans - if you are tall like me, go to River Island.  Please, it's so good. 
Black cami 
Ralph Lauren denim look shirt 

And my new love in the world, United Colours of Benneton snood.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weightlifting is For Girls Too - Something About Me

Little bit of a different post today, and a little more personal and about me! 

As a couple of you might have gathered from my instagram- which you can find here @liquidgrainofficial in my spare time I like to lift!  I thought I would do a little blog post about it and maybe it might encourage more girls to give it a go. 

I fell into weights a bit by accident.  Through my sport I was offered a lot of support to help me improve as an athlete, and part of that support was the expertise and help from a Strength and Conditioning coach.

So for the past three years I have really benefited from getting weights and gym programs written especially for me.  In the past year and a half or so I have been getting more into it all, and for Christmas I even got some fancy lifting shoes you can see above! 

I get a lot of lifting for a few reasons: 

- You can really watch yourself progress.  Every session I write what weight I did next to the exercise I was doing, which gives you a sense of accomplishment and progress when you see those numbers getting higher and higher.

- You don't get bored.  I sometimes find the gym a bit boring- you come in, do 20 minutes here, there, then you leave.  But I do two different sessions a week, and my program changes every six to eight weeks to keep things fresh.  There are other approaches to doing it but I like all the changes. 

- It's a great way to get fit.  Believe me, once you've learned the technique and start upping the weight you will get a serious sweat on in the gym.  And we all know sweat is good!  

- DOING WEIGHTS DOESN'T MEAN YOU WILL GET BULKY.  Sure if that's your goal you can match your program to it- keeping the weight heavy and the reps low.  But if you up the reps you're working more on the conditioning side of your body rather than strength and bulking up.  So you match your program to your aims.

So I would really encourage all you girls to get out of the cardio suite and into the weights room!  It can sometimes be a macho environment but if that puts you off a lot of gyms are running girls only sessions where you can work out without the boys!

Just give it a go, most gyms will offer a free introduction to the equipment and the basic moves.  And you can always hire a PT for one or two sessions to get you going so you feel confident by yourself.  I would then encourage everyone to get a gym buddy, because working out by yourself can get a little lonely / boring.  Plus it can help you progress because you won't be inclined to cheat like you will by yourself - I know I do!  Plus you can have someone checking your form and spotting for you if you need that.  


Monday, 20 January 2014

Bring Me The Butterflies

Welcome to part two of my cushion series!  This is a little butterfly feature, and as well as my cushion I decided to include this lovely wooden box I have too, which has some butterflies on it too! 

I got this cushion and the box from a little independent shop in Carlisle, so I'm not sure if you would be able to get one.  But I think this cushion is quite a nice and delicate print but not too girly, I really like the blue going through it and it has a blue back too! 


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Derelict House Shoot

So remember that cool derelict house that we found the other day when I was on the way to buy my camera?  (If not you can see that here)  

Well we went back and took some fun wee photos! And it was the first time out with my new camera, I'm really quite pleased with them!  

Today I wore:
- a kimono I thrifted in a vintage shop in Belfast- £3! 
- Black Milk Clothing A Tribe Called White Skater Dress 
- purple tights
- black chelsea boots

Now for the photos! 

A few pics from around the house.

Now me!
 Evil look

Pre shoot make up, it's all very high tech and quick judging by the speed of my hand.  0 - Ready in 3.5 secs


Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Pair of Sleeping Foxes

Since developing a bit of collectomania of cushions I've decided to do a mini series showing you my favourites of my collection. 

So first up in this series is my matching pair of fox cushions.  As you might have seen in my Christmas Haul post I got one of these cushions for Christmas.  The sleeping fox is very much in my sort of style, which I want in my house- kind of modern with heritage influences.  So these cushions are a good way to inject a bit of country life into your own home.  

You can get them here at Next for £14.  And I would say you have to get more than one!  If you are getting one I would maybe be quick since I know they are really popular- but maybe just here in the country!  My Mum has one and my auntie has a pair!  


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wandering In The Woods

Another quick-ish post today, just a wee OOTD from when we were out walking the dog.  

I am wearing: 
Black Milk Clothing I Eat Mice Leggings
With a basic lilac vest 
And my newly beloved Boohoo Kimono

Pre shoot  shivers

All done, off we go! 

Wee Tess was sitting waiting on us. 

And a quick one of my photographer


Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

The other day I headed to the cinema to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, so I thought I would do a wee review on it.  

I must say that this is such a feel good film, you really come out smiling!  

It is about the most average man in the world - Walter Mitty - even his profile is boring!  But throughout the film he really comes into his own- in a variety of Scandinavian countries.  

Writing it out like that it doesn't sound that great, you know there is the usual self discovery, love interest, blah blah... But it is actually really beautiful.  The soundtrack, the shots, locations everything!  I tell you this is one film where being the stills photographer would be amazing! 

Basically I liked this film okay?!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick OOTD

Super quick post today.  But me and the boyfriend went exploring today and found the coolest most exciting-est location!  A derelict house!  But with enough safe parts that we could have a little look around a couple of the rooms.  

Unfortunately we didn't have time to do a proper look and I wasn't really dressed for it so just the one photo from it.  But thought I would share before we go back and try and take a little bit more.  

But we were on our way to Belfast and I found a gem of a kimono in a vintage shop which I will try and feature soon! 

Here I am wearing: 
CM Purple Sunflower Swim 
Ralph Lauren Denim Look Shirt 
River Island Velvet Shorts 
LV Bag
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