Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Wet and Windy Day at Anstruther

A few of you may know that I live in the very picturesque St Andrews, but about 15 miles away from me is an equally picturesque town - Anstruther.  So me and the man decided to take a mosey over to Anstruther, however we picked the worst day to do so!  It was cold, wet and the light was pretty shocking! 

So we got there and first thing first was a chippy. You see Anstruther's main chippy has been voted the best chippy in the world (pretty much) for the past gizillion years.  So we wanted to check it out, and it was actually amazing!  You know how you sometimes have chippies where it is really greasy?  This was the opposite - crispy and crunchy batter and chips while the fish was so soft and no bones in sight.  

After our amazing lunch we went for a walk around the harbour.  There were so many boats moored everywhere which made some good pictures.

And I also jumped between some boats for a quick look shoot.  Although as you can imagine it looks awful!  

But basically I am wearing: 

CM custom galaxy dress - CM's website here
Ralph Lauren navy cable knit - website here
Zebra print scarf from The Secret Boutique in St Andrews where I work 
Barbour waxed jacket - Barbour website here
LV bag - LV website here


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Black Milk Haul - Christmas 2013 Release [GFT sizing]

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have had so many serious deadlines recently it was manic and I had only managed to schedule posts so far in advance.  

But the good thing is that over today and yesterday three Black Milk pieces have arrived!  And only one was hit by customs- double woo! 

So I thought I would do a little haul post to show you them, with a mini review of them, just generally what I think really! 

First up is the only item actually from the Christmas Release- the others are just from the store.  It's the Terror from the Deep GFT.  This stands for Girlfriend Tee and is a lot more flattering and feminine than the BFT in my opinion - which I find to be quite boxy.  

I got a Medium in this tee and I was immediately worried, reviews were coming in complaining the sizes came up small, especially across the bust.  Being busty myself I was concerned, but these people are lying!  (Well maybe not lying, but I think there is an element of scare mongering as maybe it is tight for some people but it is really not the end of the world tight on me!)  I am bustier than average and this didn't feel any tighter than a normal tee would really.  I understand we are all different shapes and sizes so that could explain that, but I wouldn't size up automatically. 

But basically the tee seems great, can't wait to get more! 

Next up we have the Monet Lillies Leggings, which you can find here.  Limited but still some sizes left. 

I have wanted these since they came out since I love art, but only got them when they went limited.  They are so great and really flattering since the print is kind of abstract and very soft around your legs.  So great!

And lastly we have the Galaxy Purple Skater Skirt, which you can find here.  

This was a present from my boyfriend for our two year anniversary, and it's great!  My first skater skirt and I love it.  So flattering and flowy!  And such a great length, not like the skater dresses which are really quite short. 

That's all for now, hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging soon enough! 

And here is my first real youtube video about my haul!


Friday, 22 November 2013

Youtube Suggestions Needed

So I have decided that I should really start using Youtube properly!  It is a bit of a case of laziness so I do apologise.  Currently I have very few, very bad quality videos so I am going to make an effort to be better!  

So if you want to follow me I am here

But what I need from you is your advice!  Tips on who to follow, how to make the best videos and so on.  Would love to hear from you!  

Please help me!  

Here is a video of puppies learning to walk- you're welcome.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Liebster Award

First of all thank you so much to Sassy J from Life and Rags for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  

This is an award ran by bloggers where the bloggers nominate other blogs for people to read.  The rules are that you must have under 200 followers, answer the questions left by who nominated them and create new questions for the people you nominate them.  

1) Who or what inspired you to start writing a blog?

Lookbook!  Seeing everyone's amazing looks I wanted to start my own blog to showcase mine too. 

2) What is your ultimate pet hate?

Bad manners! 

3) What is your fave beauty look?

Pretty natural I guess- considering I have zero make up skills.  

4) Who is your style icon?

Erm, there are so many!  I take from so many places- prep to urban to all sorts.

5) What genre of music do you like?

Everything- I so love all music!  Get me in my car and then off I go, singing to my heart's content.

6) What are your thoughts on Karma?

I like the spirit of Karma - doing good for good, but I am a complete athiest. 

7) If you could spend a whole day doing one activity, what would it be and why?

Sleeping!  Haha or just exploring wherever I am.

8) Who is your favourite blogger?

A lifestyle blogger Rosie-

9) If you could sum up your personality  in one word, what would it be?


10) Tell me something about you that many people may not know.

Erm... I grew up with a zoo of animals and pets. Everything from horses to giant African land snails, cats to rabbits!  

Now for my nominations:

Post your responses down below- I'd love to read them!  

My questions: 
1 - What is closest to your right hand (except from computer)? 
2 - Do you have any pets? 
3 - What colour of hair do you wish you could have?
4 - Any tattoos?  Tell me about them! 
5 - Have you ever tried Irn Bru?  
6 - Favourite food?  
7 - Must have make up?
8 - Your favourite place in Scotland?  Either to visit or would like to visit?
9 - Your favourite subject at school?
10 - What colour are your nails painted?


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Another Film Update!

So you might remember my film photography post from a few days ago.  I thought I would show you another lot of the prints I took from this summer. 

From walking the dog in Northern Ireland: 

Back to the festival in Pilsen

The view from my window in Czech

And a walk in Northern Ireland

On a walking tour around Kazan, Russia

And back to the Czech Republic

And back to Kazan

Grafitti in Belfast

Blue mosque in Kazan, Russia
 One last pic from Belfast


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Garden Look and How To Pose

I thought I would do a little different post today.  As well as showing you my look I thought I would maybe talk a little bit about how I pose.  

My tips: 

Posture is really important.  Keep your shoulders down and back, like you're squeezing a £5 note between your shoulder blades.  And boobs up!  

Never take a photo front on unless you are quite thin - use angles and shapes to make a photo interesting. I like to face my feet in one direction and turn my body back towards the camera.  
I also like to sometimes lift one foot up to make my legs a bit more interesting.

But in general I tend to think 3/4 shots are far more flattering than full body, hence why most of my looks are 3/4.

And you really have to move and relax with the photos.

I'm going to talk a lot about portraits now - mainly because we took a lot of them when we shot this.  

As a photographer you want a tiny bit of height on your model.  Not myspace selfie miles above you, but a bit of height so we don't look up anyone's nose.  In these photos there was about a two foot wall which M jumped up on.  

Photographers- never cut the top of your model's head off.  It looks amateur and we miss stuff, give a nice frame for her.

As a general rule keep your chin straight or down (although not squished against your chest) this should give you some definition. 

Although it can look good sometimes!  But look, you just see my jaw.  Not under my chin or anything.

In the words of HRH Tyra Banks - SMISE.  Smile with your eyes! 

Or look away completely - I am always drawn to these ones.  Usually more than shots with my face in.  Just because it's a bit more interesting. 

Again for you photographers - don't over edit.  The better your photo in the first place the easier it will be to edit.  Touch up but not overly - like don't change body shape, bleach the eyes or the teeth too much.  

But we all know black and white is always flattering - so go for it.  Especially if you were wanting arty shots or showing more flesh than usual.  That's why nudeportraits are usually in black and white!  

But I'm not saying the odd edited to the max photos aren't the worst thing in the world, and can be quite fun! 

By the way, here I am wearing: 
Black Milk Zebra Teal Bodysuit 
Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings 

I'm sorry for lack of photographer info, if anyone is interested I can get M to write a little bit on photography. 
Any questions just ask!  


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Film Photography

I know I don't mention it that much but film photography is one of my passions!  

The BF has a fancy DSLR to take my look photos but I have a trusty 35mm film camera which I take everywhere.  And I just got back from Boots with a whole pile of film prints!  So I thought I would share with you some of my prints.  

Do any of you shoot with film? I am always looking for people to talk about film to and follow on lomography.  My home is here, so please leave your homes in the comment down below and I will follow you.  

Yay film! 

I have a Prakticka BCA electronic and three lenses for it - 50mm, 35-70mm and an 80-200 which means I can give a good stab at taking most of the things I see on my travels.  

Here is one film I just got developed: 

A trip to the beach at home: 

A glass blower in the Czech Republic:

 More from that festival in the Czech Republic:

Beach again:

Festival again:

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