Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[Giveaway] Long Line Wanderings

Still a horrible day here with us, hope it's a bit nicer wherever you are. 

As we are moving towards winter I still want to wear my maxi dresses- something I just decided this summer actually suited me.  Since I am so tall I always thought that it would be too difficult to find maxi dresses to fit and suit me.  But now I do! 

And I don't want to let them go! 

So I have been trying to style them for winter and I wanted to share a few tips about styling, and I want to hear yours too!  I will send a little prize to the best styling tip or blog posted below.  You have until the end of November to give me ideas and I'll pick from them - remember to leave an email address or a way for me to get in touch.  

My suggestions so far are:
- tights underneath, whether black or a fun colour to give a pop 
- I have popped a long sleeved striped top under this grey maxi dress 
- and now I have been styling it with a shirt over the top, adding a belt sometimes 

So here is what I am wearing in this shoot:

- Grey maxi dress from H&M (Similar here for £7.99)
- Cut out boots from New Look (here for £24.99)
- White Shirt which belongs to the BF 
- Belt from River Island (similar here for £24.99)
- Barrel bag from Zatchels (here for £45)


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Splashing in the Surf

Another outfit post today!  Hope you aren't getting sick fed up of them yet.  

Today's look is what I wore when me and BF went for a little walk today.  
It's getting chilly again, which is horrible.  

I love autumn but hate winter, I live on the east coast of Scotland at uni and believe me it gets chilly!  
What does everyone else think about winter- love it, hate it?  

So I am wearing: 

Faux fur headband from Henry Hunt 
Waxed jacket from Barbour 
Glass Owl Dress from Black Milk Clothing 
Wellies from Hunter 

Here are the photos: 


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Black Milk Hackey Sack Leggings

Just a quick outfit post from me today! 

Here is what I wore today: 

Black Milk Hackey Sack Leggings - which are really amazing and you just don't see enough pictures of these bad boys! 

Thieves of Thunder Apparel Sweatshirt - great quality jumper but I would recommend sizing up at least once!  Especially if you are a guy.  It's supposed to be unisex sizes but this is a M and is teeny tiny! Here for £22.99  

And I am wearing some awesome boots I found at Missguided last year. Missguided boots here


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Winter Black Milk - Metallic Skirt

The most recognisable thing about Black Milk Clothing is their amazing and outrageous prints.  
Of course everyone recognises their iconic galaxy print.  
Buy green galaxy leggings here

But these days they are exploring the more designer side of the business.  We first saw this seriously being attempted with the shoot off label Sophia James but unfortunately didn't work out.  Instead Black Milk are now sporadically introducing some amazing designer pieces into their normal releases.  

Some of the designer highlights from their just passed Halloween release have got to be: 

Which I absolutely love! 
I Eat Mice Bodysuit here
The Shredder Dress here

But the problem about designer pieces is they are little bit harder to style.  But one of the easier designer pieces to style I have is the Metallic Silver Velvet Skirt.  
It's so easy to style for nights out but it's harder to style for day time wear.  So here is my winter day time styling.  

I have on: 

Black Milk Metallic Silver Velvet Skirt 
Jack Wills Lambswool Sweater (Similar here)
Purple Tights 
New Look cut out boots- here for £24.99 
YSL bag

Now for the details: 


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Galaxy Catsuit Fun Times

I shot so may looks today so expect lots and lots of high quality shoots coming up soon!  
I'm so happy because my blog just topped 10,000 views.  So I would like to say thank you to everyone who actually bothers to read my blog, thank you so much.  

Now before I show you all the pictures from today just a wee reminder about my ongoing give away- check it out here.  

Today's outfit was: 
CM Rainbow Galaxy Catsuit - this was another custom from Claire and I love it! I'll do a full post soon about customs and the custom process so everyone can get printed goodness.  
Black Cardi from Topshop - standard really (similar here for £25)
Amazing Cut Out Boots from New Look - I love cut out boots but didn't want to spend too much on them because I will be wearing them out.  So these were perfect for £24.99 and last week New Look were giving 20% student discount instead of the usual 10%.  So I would totally recommend (see here for £24.99)

Now on to the pictures  

And here is me being all sad in the windy cold Scottish beach.  


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New Look's New Stuff

So I was walking to university this morning and something caught my eye.  I swung around and stopped to look in the window of New Look.  They have some awesome new stuff in right now!  
There's some great transitional pieces and awesome shoes and boots.  And I wanted to show you guys some of my favourite pieces. 

Tapestry dress - £29.99
Look a Christmas jumper already!  £17.99
Perfect party dress - £39.99 which also comes in a lot of different colours! 

Hope you liked seeing my favourites from the New Look's recently added stock.  What do you guys like from the new stuff?  

Remember to enter my give away here

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oh My Love Haul

Another haul post!  I was a little bad and did some shopping!  

This time this is from Oh My Love, a relatively new-ish brand to me.  And this is my first purchase from them.  I've got to say I'm pretty darn excited about them!  

Firstly because they have awesome sales on, apparently pretty much all the time.  The skirt and top were both only £10 each!  And then they do unidays discount on top of that!  

Firstly we have this maxi I have been coveting for ages. 

I like maxi skirts, especially for summer when I sometimes go to places I need to be a little more covered up.  And this skirt is perfect!  I love the print, it's so different and has some really nice shades coming through it.  There's a slit in the side, but only a little one so it's still really modest.  My only thing about this is that it comes up a wee bit small.  So if borderline size up! 

I also got this metallic vest top! 

I had to recently retire my favourite vest top as the seams were ripping so I was needing a new staple top.  And this might just fill the bill!  It's an awesome metallic silver and has some cut out detailing at the back, but not so much that I will be barign my bra / back. 

Overall I think I got some pretty good buys, and I recommend everyone checking out their website here!  

And remember to enter my Back To School Give Away here.  Why has no-one entered yet? :(

Thursday, 3 October 2013

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