Friday, 30 August 2013

What To Wear To Work In China - My Corporate Wardrobe In China

Hi Guys!  

As you know I ran away to China for a month for an internship.  But before I went there I was really worried about what to wear! 

We were told to dress appropriately for our work place- mine was corporate.  But then what is that in China?  And in August what could I wear and not melt? 

This was quite a dilemma for Mum and I- for Dad not so much  he thought the answer was a business suit end of.  Obviously although I love my suit I don't think I could wear it in consistently over 35 degrees Celsius and brave public transport!  

So we went on a hunt and typically bought way more than what I actually ended up taking with me. 

Now I am going to show you my outfits- just selfies since my photographer (i.e long suffering boyfriend) wasn't out with me.  And at the bottom I will put some clothing rules, or I might mix them up as I go.  We'll see!

The Rules:
-Please remember that I was only out for a month and I'm only talking from my personal experience- 

*Flesh to show = legs* 
Seriously you can get away with as much leg as you feel comfortable with.  Even in a professional environment.  People don't seem to care about exposing your legs. 

On the other hand... 
*Cover up = chest and maybe shoulders*
I love boobs as much as the next girl but in China bosom combined with shoulders definitely warrants some stares.  And when you are a 6' white girl 
you're already getting some stares! When I went to work I had a smart black cardigan just to wear on top to cover me up and save me from the chilly air con! 

*Heels are the norm* 
I didn't wear heels, just sandals with a little wedge but most people do wear heels.  Quite like, but not as bad as Russia in that respect. 

In Summer wear light clothing.  I was there in August and it was very warm and very very humid, so wear light fabrics and ones that won't show sweat.  This was also why I decided to stay away from waistbands as much as possible to stop that excess sweating. 

*Use baby powder* 
This sounds like an old woman's trick but baby powdering parts of your body which will get sweaty / touching other parts of your body really helps stop the sweat. 

That's all my tips for now!  Hope this was useful to at least one person who is thinking of running away to China!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Best Thing About China- The Nails!

Since coming to China I've developed a bit of a habit.  It's one I really shouldn't get used to considering I can't get it at home, especially for so cheap. 
What am I talking about...? Nails! 

Oh the manicures!  The pedicures!  It's all so much for so little money!

The manicure at the top was 60RMB - just over £6 
Then the sparkly one below at a different place was a mere 50RMB 
And then the most amazing deal here- the pedicure was only 90RMB 

For under a tenner I had a woman massage, pumice and pamper my feet for an hour and twenty minutes... ridiculous!  

This weekend I want to hopefully get a foot massage on the recommendation of my friend Sophie who lives out here.  Apparently it's about 70 minutes long and you get your feet and lower legs massaged as well as shoulders and neck.  I can't wait. Should be amazing! 

Don't worry guys, I'm almost home from China so there will be far less of these pesky lifestyle posts.  


Monday, 26 August 2013

More China Chat - OOTD etc

Hi again, I just keep doing China posts I'm sorry!  

Wanna see what I wore today?
I wore:

Don't I look jazzy?  
So I have my trusty green stripy shorts on and my new galaxy tee that I picked up from the zoo market.  You can check out my whole China haul here.  

We went bowling tonight!  It was really fun, I've not been bowling in years and it was so good! 


Saturday, 24 August 2013

China! Part 2

More photos from China for you lovely people! 

That's all for now!  If you have any questions about any of the places I've visited, what I'm wearing etc just get in touch.  I'm happy to babble on about China all day I judt don't think anyone would listen! 


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Self indulgent post about nicknames and OOTD

I’m at work and having a ponder while I write up a draft blog post on word- annoyingly my work proxy service doesn’t allow China, ridiculous I know.

I’m pondering about nicknames, and how I’ve always missed out on some good ones because Kathryn is a hard name.  It’s hard because you can’t really shorten it (don’t go there with Kath…), and it doesn’t really rhyme with anything.  I always used to want “proper” nicknames that everyone would call me.  But now I have realised I’ve actually managed to collect a good few…  But I still hardly get called them!  I’m always Kathryn! 

So you know, if you see me feel free to call me by one of my nicknames…

Let me walk you through my evolution of nicknames
- K-K
Okay, so this is going to get embarrassing.  In primary school I was KK and my best friend was JJ, let’s just leave that here and never talk about it again yeah?
- Katz
Oh the early 2000s and the desire to add Z on to anything to make it cool!  Not many people called me this at all, but I would write it down as my own signature / nickname. 
- Kat
This has been the only ones which has really stuck, but only with my shooting friends really.  Quite a lot of them call me Kat still, and I really like it!  This was an obvious progression and dropping the z.  Although unfortunately not quite as cool as Katz.
- K-Wills
After realising my first name is too shit to really do anything with my school friends did the clever thing and incorporated my surname.  I see what they did there, and it was pretty good, I like it and it still sticks with some school friends! 
- Kitty
This nickname is totally down to one friend who was always really good at making nicknames and decided I needed one.  He must have decided Kathryn was just too hard to work with and went completely off the beaten track and decided on a new name completely.  Not many people use Kitty, but the ones who do are completely committed to it and I’m never Kathryn to them. 
- Caggie/Cags

This name is nice, I like it since I like Made in Chelsea and I’m shallow like that.  The university shooters are the only ones who ever call me it but when they do I like it.  It just sounds nice in every accent from posh English to American!  

And while we're here we might as well do an OOTD- 

Today I wore this to work:- 

Floral skirt from M&S 
Lilac vest top from H&M 
White cami from New Look 
Pearls from the Pearl Market - full post here

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oops another haul! Pearl Shopping!

So, you know how I JUST did a China haul post... well I have another one.  

I'm sorry if this bores you but China is just amazing for shopping.  I'm a pretty easily excitable person anyway but drop me in places like this and I'm very very excited! 

My OOTD for pearl shopping was: 

- Black Milk Fairy Paint Blue leggings 
- ASOS cotton - leather loose top
- Chloe clutch 
- And I had my trusty film camera at my side

Today we went to the Pearl Market.  The pollution level was at "Dangerous" and it was forecast to rain so we decided to stay inside.  Although we did get caught in the thunder storm on the way there and back! 

The Pearl Market is a little less intense than the Silk Market.  Not so much shouting and a bit more order! 

We walked in, dripping wet and headed straight up to the top floor.  This is the real deal- very very expensive salt water pearls and beautifully set.  Obviously out of our price range but they were so good to see- we just had to. 

Then the 3rd and 2nd floors were where we did most of our purchasing.  The 3rd floor had more of the pearls and jewellery but the 2nd had some too.  Although you will probably get better prices on the 3rd floor.  

We walked around there for a while and purchasing as we went.  It was quite surreal seeing so many pearls everywhere!  These pearls are real, but freshwater so cultured.  So you can get pieces of good quality for reasonable prices but be prepared to barter! 

Some places will have the necklaces / bracelets / earrings etc made up, others you can pick your exact strand of pearl and watch them string them for you with the fittings you want.  

This is a woman stringing up my pearl necklace.

Here are all my purchases!  Excuse the pictures- again on my phone.  And in the selfies I am quite badly ill with a cold and still wet from being outside!  

I got a simple 9-10mm white pearl necklace. This is a standard length but with a slightly bigger pearl than average because I'm a big girl apparently!  My friend was advised to stick to the smaller pearls to match her smaller frame.

I also got these elegant drop earrings to match (also bringing the price down). These are real silver, nickel free and have a bit of embellishment on the front.  Together they make a lovely set so can't wait to have an occasion to wear them!  

I also got a long strand of pearls.  Still in the white but not as good quality- there are more differences between the pearls and slightly more imperfections.  But I wanted this strand for dramatics mainly!  I was calling this my "Gatsby Pearls" before I had even bought it.  
It can be worn long to make a statement or doubled over to add some movement and volume instead of a standard strand. 

I finally got this beautiful double strand- at the time for my Mum but seeing it at home I think we might have to share!  This is a double strand of 8-9 mm pearls but they are punctuated with turquoise and silver rings.  This really blings up the strand and I had to bargain hard for it!  But it is so beautiful and elegant I just thought of my Mum when I saw it- she has a weakness for blue stones.   

The Pearl Market is a great day out, especially if you want some amazing jewellery.  But I would advise to find out how to spot real and good quality pearls first.  And never pay more than you are comfortable with! 
For me that meant comparing it to the top end of high street brands and stopping there.  I didn't want to over spend here- although it would have been very easy and I would have came home with some lovely stuff.  

Sunday, 18 August 2013

China Haul!

Now I have been in Beijing for just over a week.  And it's safe to say I've done some shopping... 

So I thought I would do my first haul post, because I'm sitting here waiting for dinner to cook and I'm feeling quite productive.  

If you want to check out my other China posts so far you can see them here or here.  And there will be plenty more to come!  Sorry for the bad pictures- I'm just on my phone and in my apartment.

So on our first weekend we went to the Silk Market, which is a very touristy shopping market.  But definitely something you should experience! You could buy almost everything and there was so many stalls and sellers shouting "Lady, lady!  Beautiful lady!  You want ___?"  

We spent most of the afternoon just walking around and taking it in. The only purchases I made were "designer" bags ;-)  

I went for a decent sized bright yellow YSL Cabas Chyc bag.  This is a great size for an every day handbag, I'm getting most of my daily essentials into it when I'm not working.  

While I was there I also got this little fold down Chloe clutch.  It's a gorgeous colour!  I seem to have went for the more out there bag colours this trip! 

Then today we went to a very different type of market- the Zoo Market!  This wasn't very touristy at all- I went with my friend who lives in the city. This was very Chinese, and no haggling but everything was so cheap. 

This was my whole haul:- 

I know!  So much.  

Let's break it down:

I got a denim waistcoat, all ripped up and soft with a cool print on the back. 

A long sleeved work out top.  It was so hard to find clothes that would actually fit me so when I did I got quite over excited! 

I also got a BOY London tee.  Always good to have!  And it has a bit of bling on it.  

And I also got this green and white stripy shirt.  I seem to have a thing for green and white stripy things right now!  Considering that I also have a pair of shorts in that print!

I got this little Zara tank top as well.  The great thing about the Zoo Market is that it is mostly for whole salers.  So this is where the seconds and rejects from the big names come to, and then people like us can buy it for a fraction of a price! 

This awesome galazy print / urban tee.  

Some cute jewellery

And a tee for my boyfriend and brother. 

I also got a cute Zara grey cardigan, but the pictures didn't come out too well. Darn having to use my phone instead of a DSLR!  

That's all for now! But I'm sure I will have to do another haul post because I just can't stop shopping!  

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