Wednesday, 31 July 2013

OOTD Summer is Here! Black Milk Barbie Spewed On Me CS Body Suit

Another lovely day out today!  

Boyfriend and I were in the car for most of the day visiting family and keeping ourselves amused. 
We crossed over the River Dee and spotted a gorgeous pebble beach below the bridge.  So out we popped and tried to trek our way down to it BUT we couldn't get to it!  

So we ended up just taking outfit photos on the grassy path we were wandering on.  

I was wearing: 

Blue Ralph Lauren collared shirt 
- I used to work for Polo so I have a ridiculous amount of RL.  But I still love the brand and have so many great staples.  

Black Milk Barbie Spewed On Me Capped Sleeved Body Suit
- This is my first time out wearing my bodysuit.  It is sooo comfy and the colours are amazingly shimmery and cute!  

Gold chain belt from New Look

Floral skater skirt from Urban Outfitters
- I got this in the Christmas sales and absolutely love it!  Although I need to lose a bit of weight for it to sit a bit lower and a bit more comfortably. 

Brown heeled booties from New Look again 
- These were my Mum's but she hurt her back so can't wear heels anymore.  Which is sad for her but means I have inherited a whole load of heels- some very expensive!  

Brown leather satchel from Red Herring at Debenhams
- Another of my satchels, this is so soft and really hard wearing.  I've had this since school and it's still going! 

Once we had ran around the Galloway countryside we went to watch the Kirkudbright Tattoo which is a local festival which builds up over the summer. 
We watched pipe bands, highland and country dancers and a wind band which my cousin was performing in. 

It was a really nice night and everyone was so good at what they did!  

On the way home we even had a cheeky Chinese!  

Here are the pictures from the evening:

Sorry for such a long post today! 


Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD Lovelysally Le Souris Skirt

This is my OOTD from a few days ago when it was lovely and warm.  

It was one of those days where you started with quite a lot of clothes on and then suddenly you're wandering around town in a skirt, tee and sandals!  

So I am wearing my nice long line tribal printed tee from Urban Outfitters.  
And I've paired it with my Lovely Sally Le Souris Skirt, which is still in store for 34Euros.  

I do like my LovelySally skirts although this was my first time wearing them with nothing underneath, not even tights.  And I must say I suffered from horrid ride up!  Which is pretty annoying.  Although when it reached a point just below my bum it didn't ride up any more.  Which is good and unlike Black Milk dresses which seem to have a mind of their own and will happily ride up to my waist. 

Just a quick post today! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Walk In The Park

So today I put on a quite nice dress and went for a walk in the park.  It was a lovely day and it was just nice to do something different for a change!  

I wore: 
This little dress from Asda!  It really is great for reasonably priced work and corporate wear!

Sensible heels from River Island 

Pastel purple satchel from Zatchels. So gorgeous and it fits my new shiny laptop in it!  It's so sturdy and perfectly  professional but still brings a young colourful punch to any outfit.  

Here is the rest of the shoot:- 

That's all for now!  Are we liking the new bigger photos? 



Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gym Clothing Haul

Recently I have been going to the gym more often (as you can see from my Gym Count tab at the top.  

So as a little reward to myself while I was in Russia and bored I decided to order some gym clothes.  And they were waiting for me when I got back!  

I had a hunt around a few different brands, high end ones and the cheaper ones.  But I actually decided to purchase from...  Sports Direct.  And I have got to say, they sell some ridiculously cheap clothes!  

My order came to under £50 (which I still considered expensive but I splashed out on two items so meh) and I am so happy with what I got.  

I received: 

Grey Just Do It vest top from Nike. 
This is sooo soft!  And the long line shape is really flattering.  I would really recommend it for all types of exercise. 
This was one of my more expensive items.  It's sold out now but find a similar one here for £12.99. 

Another one from Nike were these amazing shorts. 
They have the Just Do it waistband and are so soft and meshy.  It's liek wearing boxers and I love it.  
My favourite purchase by miles.  
These are also sold out, but here are a pale blue pair that look pretty similar for £17.99.

Now for my more colourful items:
I bought these awesomely bright Reebok shorts.  Not quite as comfy as the Nike ones, they are more of a traditional short.  
Very light though, perfect for cardio and outside work outs I would say.  
I'm really sorry but these are also gone from the website.  But I'm sure if you have a look you will find something similar. 

I also got a tight little Londsdale gym top. 
Pretty simple, gym material.  Nice cut of the neckline- not too high or too low.  
This was just a nice cheap work out top.  Although does come up quite small so I would size up.  I sized up and I would still call this tight.  
You can find it here, it was a bargain for £4.99 

So I am pretty happy with my little gym clothing haul.  I am also really excited for the new Black Milk Gym range and I am hoping to get a couple of pieces from it.  You should keep updated about the release on their Facebook here.  But here are one of the sneaks they have released: 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

World University Games Round Up

Now that I am back from the World University Games I thought I would do another quick blog post just to sum it up. 

We were out in Russia for two weeks and it was a really amazing experience to compete in such a huge event.  The atmosphere was amazing and the standard of competition world class. 

As well as competing (although I wasn't pleased with my performance in my first event I was far happier with the second) we got to live in a huge village amongst our team and others.  It was so good!  

You can see what I got up to in my first post here.  

But since then I have competed and watched even more sports.  The field was really world class which was a great experience to compete and watch in. 

When it came to getting home however there was a few hiccups which meant that we ended up staying an extra night and day.  
This unfortunately meant that two of our team missed their graduation.  But no need to worry!! We held a mini graduation for them - all the fun without the sitting around ;)  

But it's nice to be back finally!  
And soon I fly to China- so excited! 


Also- bigger photos yay or nay?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

OOTD CM Printed Dress

Quick OOTD. 
This is what I am wearing today for a day out around Kazan city centre today.  

We have bare legs because it's ROASTING. 

And a CM (Claire Maley) dress, which is a custom piece from her.  You should check out her facebook here. 

And a little mint green crop top blouse from H&M.  But because I have boobies it really does't button up so it's a cute little bolero / waistcoat.  

That's all today, got to run! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Exciting news guys!  

My giveaway for the accessories above has ended!

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared.  I have emailed the lucky winner so hopefully someone will be enjoying these gifts really soon!  

I hope everyone liked it and I think I will definitely do another one!  

Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently, or many nice shoots- still in Russia.  But home soon so hold on!  

That's all now 


Monday, 15 July 2013

Daniel Footwear Wishlist

So on my wishlist I have:- 

These Hunter Navy Original Wellies.  
Perfect for summer festivals and to get in the patriotic spirit especially with Andy Murray's recent Wimbledon win! 
These are just £75 

Terry De Havilland heeled shoes
Lovely and summery and at a huge discount from £285 down to £57

Vivienne Westwood Purple Skyscraper heels
These just look ridiculously comfortable and we all know they are going to be great quality.  
These are down to £69.99

Lucy Choi metallic heels
These are my most extravagant item on my wishlist.  They look amazingly detailed, just luxury! 
These are £195

UGG Classic Tall Chesnut boots
I must be the only person in the world not to have UGGs, so I feel I need to have them on my list. 
These are £190. 

Daniel tan boots
Everyone needs posh boots.  I already have my favourite posh boots - black with a tan band - but another pair wouldn't hurt anyone yeah? 
These are £159 

Daniel white sandals
Nice and simple, perfect for summer 
These are just £22 

Ash Delirium Sandals
Another summery pair of sandals.  
The chunky heel and platform will make these pretty comfy for summer walking! 
These are £65.99

FLY London Flatform sandals
These are so on trend and in a lovely summery colour. 
These are £48.99 

That's all from me today, remember to enter my giveaway here for some accessories to win!  Not long now until it closes! 

Back from Russia soon! 



Saturday, 13 July 2013

World University Games so far!

I've been at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia for a few days right now so I thought I would do an update and show you guys a little part of my life which most of you won't have ever seen! 

So I am a rifle shooter and I am currently here as part of the Great Britain team.  

Here we are! 

This was me very early in the morning waking up in a Heathrow hotel to go to Russia!  

Once we arrived in the village this was one of the athlete lounges. 

On the way to the Opening Ceremony- so we had some temporary tattoos! 

Then a very very long wait to get into the stadium for the ceremony.  We were waaaay to far down the alphabet though! 

And some fireworks while we were still waiting. 

Once we were in there was so many amazing shows and we could join in with different lights at different times. 

Putin was even here to open everything up!  For the International Relations student in me this was a big deal! 

Then today we went to the shotgun range to watch our team mates do some training.  It was really good fun since we don't get to see shotgun very often. 

More shells! 

And this is the range and Henry getting ready to shoot.  Right after they did the first round the heavens opened and it was really really rainy.  


Monday, 8 July 2013

Hair Cut! Fringe is back!

Just a quick post to say hi and I got a hair cut!  

My fringe is back!  

I got about 10cm off the length, all my layers cut nice and short again and so much weight taken out.  It's so much nicer and light for summer again!  

Do we like the fringe or not?

Amongst my friends we have some very anti-fringers, so interested to see what other people think! 

And this was my OOTD today! Pre haircut photo though
We have mulled wine Pull and Bear skirt, CM purple sunflower swim, Ralph Lauren shirt and gilet. 



Friday, 5 July 2013

Art Supplies Haul

Back when I was in Northern Ireland I bought some pretty cool stuff.  The clothes you can see here.  I'm talking robot cardigans and printed tees. 
But while I was there I also picked up some art supplies. 

When I was younger I liked to try to draw, I would sketch out our horses and try to design outfits.  Myself, my brother and two of our cousins even had a designing "company" which we made catalogues for.  Unfortunately it was innocently misnamed KACK (our initials- Kathryn, Andrew, Calum and Kirsty).  Our parents didn't tell us this... 

But when I was older I stopped drawing and decided to write and recently I have got into my photography pretty heavily. 

But buying these new supplies has really re-sparked my interest in drawing!  

I got this awesome sketchbook from Urban Outfitters.  It was only £10 instore and I can't find it online :( 
This notebook is full of figures for you to draw your outfit designs on.  

There is so many pages of different poses and angles so you can get really creative. 

Even better when you scan or photocopy your design their template goes away!  Making it look even more creative. 

I tried taking a picture of a plain page but the templates are so light it didn't come up.  These are a couple of designs I've done so far, hopefully you can see I'm getting used to it more and kind of better at it! 

My Mum even had a go- this is her design: 

While I was in Belfast I also bought some fancy pens. 

I love stationery, stationery gets me excited!  
Pens! Notepads, everything!  Just a good day out if you ask me.  

So I got three Promarkers, which are amazing. 
They are such good quality with a fine and a broad tip.  And the ink is amazing it doesn't clot the page or make it fluffy like some pens. 

I got orchid, poppy and cool grey 3. 

I also got a super fine black pen. This is from Faber-Castle and is size XS.

Can't wait to get drawing - think it's going to keep me amused on my long flights to Russia and China soon! 

Would you be interested in seeing some of my designs every now and then?  


Also - don't forget to keep entering my giveaway.  There's not been many entries so far so plenty of chances to win!  You can see it here.
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