Thursday, 13 June 2013

White Noise Black Milk Ancient Map Leggings

So I recently took part in a styling challenge ran by the lovely Joani at Life in Technicolor.  

This challenge is called the White Noise Challenge. 

I love the scrolling through the photo and seeing how other people interpret the challenge and how they style their Black Milk. 

I feature in the challenge here, so have a look since everyone looks amazing. 

I wore my Black Milk Ancient Map leggings and my featured pictures are:

Bottom picture being the literal interpretation of "White Noise" but I don't really like that as much. 

I thought I would post my full shoot of the day here. 
It was great fun, I was standing on a washed up shipwreck in front of the Forth Rail Bridge which was awesome! 

Sorry there's  not many poses but my feet were kind of stuck in one place! 


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