Friday, 31 May 2013

Bluebell Walk

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, so me and boyfriend jumped in the car and went to take pretty pictures in pretty places.  

We first went for a walk around some woods with a beautiful patch of bluebells.  Boyfriend took loads of photos which will probably pop up on his Facebook page here.  

I had my film camera and took some too, so hopefully they will come out nicely.  

But anyway here are a few snaps from the day, mostly of me or just us messing around. 

Thought I would share since some of the photos are pretty.  


Monday, 27 May 2013

Clashing Prints - Luffers Big Bee Leggings

Today was a horrible, horrible day!

But I've been wanting to shoot these legs since I got them so I threw them on and braved the weather.  Although I managed to shelter in this derelict shed boyfriend had to stand outside to shoot! 

So I am wearing my amazing Luffers Big Bee Leggings.  I raved about them yesterday- check out the post here
You can buy these leggings- and pretty much any other pair of leggings printed or otherwise- from Natalie's Facebook group here

Today I also wore this gorgeous peplum top.  I got it at Christmas from a little boutique in Belfast, the brand name is Closet and I think this is the website here
I love how vintage this feels.  It looks like a curtain and I love it!  More than that, it looks like an embroidered curtain - so much love!  Plus it's a really stretchy, comfy material, and really soft.  

Lastly just my go to LV bag. 

I hope you like my mix - matching and clashing of prints.  

And just to demonstrate how horrible a day it was today here is me for the test shots:

Don't I look miserable?  Anyway thankfully I had my trusty Barbour waxed jacket on!  

Paddling in the Peacock Swim

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  
So I put on my new Peacock Swim (haul post here) and had a wander down to a wee river near us for a paddle and to soak up the sun!  

It was so lovely and was such a nice change, although because it was so bright my face is kind of screwed up and yucky in a few of the pictures- plus it was windy.  Aah well!  

So I was wearing:
Black Milk Peacock Swim 
Basic grey cardi from H&M 
Green and white stripy shorts from a little boutique in Belfast 

Accessory wise I'm using my long awaited pastel pink Barrel Bag from Zatchels.  You can see more photos of it and hear about my debacle when ordering from them here.

Hopefully it's another nice day again today so we can get out in the sun again!   

And here is a cheeky picture of my bum from when I was trying not to fall over!


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Nylon Haul! [I also bought some film] - Luffers, Black Milk, Lovely Sally

I got back down from uni yesterday and loads of goodies were waiting for me.  

Before I begin here's a non nylon part of the haul: 
I got 6 expired 35mm film from ebay the other day for the summer.  Looking forward to using them, especially in all the new places I'm going this summer!


Black Milk Dollar Leggings 
When these went limited I was gutted because I couldn't afford them and they disappeared from the website.  However they magically re-appeared recently and I nabbed the last pair in a M.  
I love them, so different and jazzy.  But way more green than I expected, I don't mind that but a heads up to anyone else who might get put off by the greenness. 
Some are still available here

Next up is my first ever pair of Luffers.  These are the Big Bee Leggings 
Luffers is a brand new British brand ran by one woman.  Natalie does an awesome job of promoting her business, looking after her family and creating awesome leggings! 
She used to stick to designer fabric leggings but is now branching into the world of print and it's amazing!  
I was lucky enough to snag her first pair of Big Bee Leggings to give them a try and they are amazing!  Since I am lanky I got a bit of extra length added in and they fit me perfectly. 
And the waistband- *swoon*.  Ridiculously comfy and so nice and high waisted on me.  No muffin tops like with other brands, would be more than happy to wear with short / tight clothes.  
All her orders are custom done, you can check out her facebook group here

Now on to Lovely Sally, this is the Matuli Skirt. 
When they announced on their Facebook page that the Matuli Skirt was going to be discontinued I had to jump right in there and get it.  I love LS skirts- as you can see by my Nylon Collection tab at the top of the page.  
This is such a cool design, so simple yet eye catching.  Plus I think I will be able to sneak this into a Harry Potter themed fancy dress party yeah?  
This is now gone but check out their new collection here, there are some great new pieces. 

Last but not least is my recently acquired Black Milk Peacock Swim. 
I got this is a swap recently for my Cracked Silver leggings- you can see them here or in the Nylon Collection tab at the top. 
I love this swim, the print is divine!  I was so lucky to get this in a swap for such a recently discontinued item.  
Although this is my first old cut swim and I must say I prefer the new cut.  With new cut I feel a bit more covered in the boobie area, and my bra strap at the back is completely exposed in this swim.  Aah well, it's so pretty.  Definitely a keeper! 

That's all for now, it's such a nice day feels like summer is here.  Can't wait to get back into blogging properly! 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Zatchel Haul - Satchel and Barrel Bag

I am very happy to announce that my Zatchel purchase has finally arrived!  
This has been a bit of a fuss to try and get but more on that later, first the super lovely bags. 
Zatchel is a British company (here) which makes beautiful handmade goods, a month ago they held a Birthday Sale with an amazing 50% off.  I was so excited because it brought these bags into my price range.  Although they were still quite pricey I looked at it as an investment purchase.  
They have a great selection of all different bad sizes and shapes in all the colours under the sun.  
I went for a pastel purple satchel, with the added handle and strap protector.  I must say it is absolutely beautiful, so well made and the details are incredible.  It's really sturdy and just screams quality!  

I also went for the pastel pink barrel bag.  I went for pastel colours since I don't really wear light colours but I do love them.  So now I can sneak them into any outfit and give it a pop of pastel!  

This is a really handy size, this summer I'm doing a lot of travelling like usual but in August I'm going to China for a month so I wanted something a bit smaller to use in the city.  

This seems perfect, and it's also my next Gym Count present, Yay!  

Now on to the not so great features of Zatchel...

This took a long time to get here, I mean A LONG TIME. 

When I ordered they're website boasts of 7 to 10 days delivery time since all the bags are made from scratch.  Although in the small print it says up to 30 days. 
I was like fair enough, they are covering their backs and I should have it in a couple of weeks.  

It did not. 

This came bang on 30 days after I ordered it.  This doesn't seem that acceptable for me when I am spending a lot of money with a company - okay it was on sale but it was still a pretty hefty bill at the end of the day. 

Next up was the horrendous customer service. 
Naturally after 3 weeks I was getting a bit angsty about my bag.  I dropped a few emails to customer service - no reply. 

Then I tried to phone them on their number during the times stated on the confirmation email.  No reply.  

So by now I'm freaking out, what sort of company has that shocking customer service- I look on their Facebook and it's filled with people as desperate as me.  I leave a comment, no reply.  

Right now I'm about to open a paypal dispute, knowing it's close to my 45 day time scale to do so.  

Last ditch attempt I write an email to the press office, and explain that I have a fashion blog and I am not happy with my experience with the company and I'm going to be sharing my experience with my followers.  

Surprise surprise ten minutes later I get a phone call from Zatchels and they try and explain the situation.  The man on the phone is very polite and trying to explain, but at the same time I don't feel much sympathy for them that they are struggling because they have had a bit of success. 

Nonetheless at the end of the phonecall I'm reassured that the company is real, and that I'm going to get my purchases by the end of the week.  

Near the end of the week - no sign, so I get emailing again.  But just get a mass, impersonal message about how busy they are.  Again not helping me and the money I've spent. 

Finally it arrives yesterday and they are beautiful but what what an experience!  


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award, yay!

Big thank you to the lovely Ellie Mae check her blog out here
I was really surprised because I didn't realise people actually read my crazy internet ramblings. 

These are a sort of word of mouth award for blogs with less than 200 followers (definitely me, see above) to try and get people recognised.  It defintiely works considering I've checked out so many cool new [to me] blogs because of these. 

These are the rules: 

  • Answer the questions set for you 
  • Post 11 facts about yourself
  • Choose 11 new bloggers to tag 
  • Add 11 new questions 
  • Tell the bloggers they've been nominated!
My facts:
  1. I am a tall tall bean from a tall tall place - 5'11 (actually pretty much 6 foot but I don't like that so stick with 5'11 ;) 
  2. When I watch tv shows I get addicted and have to watch every single one ever 
  3. I love mint but I'm far too pale to wear it... :(
  4. My healthy snack addiction right now is dried apple, so good!  Or sweetened apple to mix it up a bit, tastes like fruit pastels but healthy 
  5. I have a little brother - also a tall bean despite being 17 
  6. I have teeth OCD 
  7. My toe nails are currently painted grey 
  8. I can nap in demand pretty much 
  9. Currently craving bacon, or a fry up
  10. I'm hypermobile so dislocate, it's so painful and not good
  11. I like tweed stuff, a lot. Yay tweed
My Answers:
  • If you could live one place that's not where you live now, where would you live? 
    • Somewhere hot and nice and new, like Dubai or Qatar. 
  • You're in a restaurant, what do you order? 
    • Since going to university and being poor so eating no meat I now kind of fetichise when I eat out.  So STEAK
  • Name your favourite feature about yourself
    • Probably my hair, it's nice and long and thick and curly 
  • What's your best beauty time saving trick 
    • I don't have a great beauty saving regime at all, so probably laziness 
  • What's your favourite book? 
    • Mmmm, so tricky.  Probably The Wheel of Time series right now, or Life of Pi - mainly because these are the last two books I read.  Currently reading Les Mis, believe me that's a hard slog
  • What item of clothing could you not live without?
    • My Barbour jacket.  Without a doubt in sunny Scotland! 
  • What's your favourite phrase to live by?
    • It's drinking time!  I'm joking, but since exams are finished now.... 
  • Name three things you can reach right now 
    • My phone, a pink pen and my planner 
  • What's your worst habit?
    • Laziness or bossy-ness, so many.  
  • What's your proudest achivement?
    • Probably my school exam results or competing at the European Championships last year. 
  • What's your favourite memory?
    • Mmmm, something by the sea.  Or Venice last year.
My blogger picks: Some might have more than 200 total followers, I was just going by one of the count totals on their page 
My questions:
  1. Who was the last person you spoke to?
  2. Scarves or hats? 
  3. Festival or beach holiday? 
  4. In front of the camera or behind it?
  5. Any siblings? 
  6. Drink of choice on a night out? 
  7. Do you wear any jewelry all the time? 
  8. What colour are your nails painted? 
  9. Can you run quickly? 
  10. City or country life and why? 
  11. What's your worst fashion faux pas? 
Post your answers below, I would love to see them :) 


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Quick Apologies

Just a quick post to say sorry for not posting in ages.  I am thoroughly in scary exam mode now.  
So it'll be over by the 18th and I'll get back to posting. 

Again so sorry <3 
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