Thursday, 25 April 2013

Not An Exciting Post For Anyone But Me

So tonight was a big night for my university, it was our annual awards presentation for sports achievement! 
I know that this is totally different from my usual post and probably won't interest anyone but I wanted to share. 

Tonight was a really great evening for our clubs, and we had people getting blues, half blues and continual achievement awards.  We were even shortlisted for Team of the Year and we'll find out at the sports ball soon.  

But excitingly for me I was also awarded an international blue!  I was also nominated for Athlete of The Year (which I won last year so didn't expect to win) which went to a great waterpolo player.  And I was also nominated for the Sir Menzies Campbell award which went to one of our golfers.  

Yay!  So it was a good fun night, pretty formal but was good fun. 

But now I am in the library, and look minging (I got changed in the toilets) so here is a very close picture of my eye. 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Black Milk Photo Challenge Catch Up

I have missed loads of BM Photos, so here's a big catch up combo post! 

12th of April - Random Fact About Me 
This is Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings. 
And my fact = I didn't do my ombre hair myself, I made boyfriend do it because I was scared.  The only other time I have dyed a streak (yes I have virgin hair) it was also done by a guy.
Apparently my trust issues about my hair can be overcome by bullying by a boy with either bleach or blue dye... 

13th of April - With Another Sharkie 
Don't have any :( 

14th of April - Night Out 
I don't wear BM too often on nights out, they're my precious :P  But my favourite one for going out is White Wallpaper Dress! 
Yeaaah, love it

And this can count for the 15th of April - Black and White 
Obvious reasons really 

16th of April - A Song 

Rocketeer by the Far East Movement.  
Because it's space yeah? 
With Purple Galaxy legs

Think that's me stuck for tonight!

Join in-


The Deal With My Custom Dresses

A few of you might know that I have some awesome custom print dresses, so I thought I would write down what the deal is with them because people always ask me about them. 

Firstly here they are:

Aren't they awesome?  If you want to check out full shoots of these dress or them styled you can look hereherehere or here.  So many links!  

First off these are done by a company called CM, this is a British based company ran by the lovely Claire Maley.  She decided to set herself up designing her own clothes and her own print designs, and she's mightly good. 

Every so often Claire opens up custom runs (gotta keep your ear to the ground because you don't want to miss them) and when they do it is goooood!  

You can pick any copyright free image and get it on a variety of great quality clothing.  Unfortunately I have only the two pieces (poor student syndrome).  

Now on to the images:- these are both really special to me because they are my boyfriend's photos.  

Boyfriend is a photographer, you can see his Facebook here, and these are both his images.  

It is really amazing to see a photo you love getting transformed on to something for you to wear.  

My black and white dress is from a picture Boyfriend took in the street in Pilsen in the Czech Republic.  

Whilst the other one is from our holiday in Venice last year.  It was such an amazing holiday and I love the city, so it's so nice to have a reminder ON MAH BODY. 

It's such a good feeling to see the process and it looks amazing!

But definitely check out the boy's photography page and CM.  

Ooh!  And CM has a sale on right now, like some crazy stuff.  50% off on some great leggings, tops and dresses. 

Check it out guys! 

I had a test today.  It was hard and bad.  


Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hi Everyone! 

Quick OOTD post because I have a lot of deadlines / end of term uni stuff going on right now. 

I wore this a couple of days ago - not today as I am currently in sweats and a sports top.  

Here I have: 
- Black cardigan, standard from New Look 

- Navy velvet Skater dress.  Also from New Look, just before Christmas time.  
I love this it's so comfy and can be dressed up and down.  It also has little half sleeves which is handy for wearing it by itself

- Black Milk Wallpaper Black Leggings 
Got these bad boys in the CyberSale a few months ago but just wearing them for the first time now.  
Really like them and they are nice and subtle but don't know if I am going to keep them yet. 

That's all from me today, just going to head to the library them maybe to train for a little bit.  

Also I did a video introducing myself to the BMUK girl so if you are in that group check out my mega rambly rambles. 


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

March Shopping Haul - Black Milk, River Island, American Apparel.

I know this is late but better late than never yeah? 

Today is pretty much all clothes I've already shot and there isn't that much because I decided not to shoot the office / work wear I bought even though I super love them. 

I think I will save up my office wear stuff and do a shoot before summer for everyone who is going on internships like me.  How does that sound?  I have an added complication of going to China in August so I will probably (will definitely) suffer from the heat so I am trying to look stylish and not overheat at the same time!  

So first up are my Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings. 
They are so so gorgeous, slinky and high waisted! 
These were a present from my Gym Count, so I really feel like I have worked for them. 

They were 75AUD and unfortunately sold out now.  

You can see the full shoot here

Next up is the Green Velvet Bodysuit from American Apparel
This was in the sale so was really quite cheap, about £15 I think. 
It's a lovely colour, however if it wasn't in the sale and I could return it I think I would. 
It's cut in a Super Thong, I can't work out if it's meant to be that way or if I am just too tall for it.  So definitely not the comfiest, but it is a lovely colour. 

Lastly I have these cute little velvet shorts from River Island
These were a great find in the sale- down to £10.  
They again are high waisted so comfy and a nice length, not too short. 

You can see the full shoot here.  

So that's all for today.  I had an essay due in today so I am a bit stressed but it's done and I went to S+C so now I want food!  


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Summery Walk OOTD


Yesterday was a gorgeous day in St Andrews for the first time in agessss, so me and boyfriend went for a nice walk.  
And then sneaked onto one of the many golf courses to take some photos.  

Yesterday I wore what I call my Harvest Jumper from Jack Wills.  I think it's from their last Autumn handbook, so quite a wee while ago.  But it's a really nice knit with substance but light enough to wear on day like this where there is still a good bit of wind around and the sun.  

Teamed it with my Top Shop skirt, which is also another oldie.  I think I got it in the sale last summer so probably well out of stock now.  But skater skirts are looking like they are here to stay so it won't be hard to find a floral print! 

Accessory wise I wore nice burgundy coloured tights, my LV bag which my boyfriend bought me last year and some wee brown heeled brogues.  

We had a really nice day out and had lunch at a tea room and pizza for dinner.  Yay! 


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Aztec - Hippie

Hi there, another quick look up now. 

This is a lovely midi Aztec print dress my lovely friend A bought me.  I used to be (am still) a bit scared of this length and had never worn it before.  But A has great taste and I love this dress!  Think this black and white number is from New Look.  

I teamed it with my hippie festival hoodie.  I love this big knitted sun zippy, my Dad got me it.  It's so warm but light at the same time- complete festival essential.  I also have a purple one with a different design because I am mega cool. 


Velvet On Velvet

So much velvet!  

I told you there was a lot of shoots coming up.

I'm doing these separate looks and a huge haul blog as well!  Maybe even a youtube haul video.  
And a history essay as well... yay!  

So this is another outing for my new American Apparel green velvet bodysuit, which I got from their sale.  Which you should really check out, because I feel American Apparel can be quite expensive for what it is, so sales are great. 

The red velvet shorts are another sale buy, but from River Island.  These were reduced to £10 and being a velvet fiend I had to get them.  

And a black cardi chucked on top because it was such a horrid rainy day to shoot- boyfriend did a good job in making it look like a nice day.  You can check out his photography page here


Friday, 12 April 2013

Velvet Eat Mice!

I Eat Mice!  C'mooon! 

I got these awesome Black Milk leggings as part of my Gym Count challenge.  It really has been such a good motivator.  

And these high waisted bad boys are so so amazing. 

They are so comfy and stretchy, they feel so great on and look great yet subtle! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

BM #BathroomSelfie #UpsideDown #BeginningWithB

So bad at these!  So behind! 

Sorry guys, so another bit of a combo post.  

We have: 
Bathroom Selfie. 
This one was a challenge because my bathroom at uni has a shocking mirror so I went to the library ones.  Which were so busy and it was literally my third attempt this morning to get one super quick.  
So appreciate please :P  

I have to skip day 9 because there is no animals around me :(  Which I hate, I have really missed having pets and being around animals since coming to uni.  It regularly upsets me actually.  I think it was because I was brought up essentially in a zoo- horses, dogs, cats, hens, giant african land snails etc etc 

Day 10 - Upside Down 
Going to recycle one here- more Ancient Map pics.  Gotta shake them up. 

And now Beginning With B! 
B is for.... BUM 

Here is a picture of me and my bum in hex leggings.  This is from a wee lookbook we did over Christmas.  
Check out the full shoot here.  But ignore the shitty photoshopping it was my first time!  

So excited for loads of shooting this weekend.  Boyfriend is here and we haven't had the chance to shoot for ages.  
So I have a few looks and a haul planned.  Yay!  Stay tuned guys.  

And join in with the BM Pic A Day Challenge-

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