Tuesday, 26 March 2013

10 Day Challenge - 7

What up homedogs! 
Sorry for that white girl greeting- I've just watched the first episode of the new Channel 4 Drama Youngers.  And it's actually really good and not what you would expect.  Plus only like 24 minutes so it was nice and snappy.  

7 Wants-

1 - Well, is this going to be material or real?  Or a bit of both.  Let's do both.  Firstly I would obviously want to be happy and have a happy life. 

2 - I want an interesting and fulfilling career. 

3 - I want to get into better shape. 

4 - I currently want the Black Milk Amethyst Leggings.  Yes please.

5 - I want money.  Being a poor student, this means I do not have money.  Please give me money, etc. 

6 - I also want this super cute Rabbit Bag from ASOS.  It saaaah pretty.  

7 - And my last vain / material want is this Coral Lace Covered Bodycon dress from ASOS.  It's also pretty.  And I think it's nice and colourful, and colour is definitely what we need in this weather.   


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